Friday, September 16, 2011

Kentucky Bound

This last week while we were here in Batesville, I did not post to the blog. It could be said that we were just too busy, but truth be told I was just lazy.

I finished a book, made some pen’s and just chilled. Max read and worked on her cross stitch. We did take a motorcycle ride over to Metamora for some Ice Cream.

Last Sunday I listened to the Chiefs game. The Buffalo Bills came to play and trounced the Chiefs. I expect this weeks game in Detroit to be the same. 

Wednesday we took a trip out to the casino to have the crab leg buffet. It was pretty good, and while we were there we donated a little bit more money back to the casino.

Thursday Max scrubbed down our exterior yard mat and I washed the truck. We will be leaving Batesville this morning (Friday) and traveling around 180 miles to Campbellsville Ky.

The campground we are staying at is really a horse ranch that has a small campground. It is sitting right next to the state park and has trails that connect. They have Tennessee Walkers there, so I am sure we will take advantage and go for a few rides.

It is strange having to get into work mode. We will not find out what shift we are on until Monday. Hopefully we can snag dayshift but we are prepared to work nights,  we have done nights for many years in our old careers.

Amazon is paying for the campground and electricity as well as an hourly wage. Not a bad deal. I just hope that on December 24th there is no snow or ice. We will need to head south as soon as possible. Max does not have snow tires for the motorcycle. If there is snow we will have to resort to plan B.

That’s it for now, time to get packed up and head south. See you from the “Bluegrass State”.

Enjoy Your Day!


gypsygirl said...

Safe travels to you both. Looking forward to hear how things go with Amazon, we start on the 16th Oct.

Steve and Joan said...

Hello from Arkansas. We just finished up our week of riding. We had a great time. The roads were curvy and fun. Just loadede the bikes for the trip back to Fl. Can't wait to hear about your Amazon jobs. Have a safe trip. Jim and Debbie said to tell you hello.

Jim and Dee said...

I'm with others, I can't wait to hear about the job. Carol will be at her worksite Monday. They had a flat tire and had to get the RV fixed, so they're delayed two days. It will be so interesting hearing about the job in two locations.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Let us know how the Amazon work goes. Detroit is tough. They beat my Buccaneers last week and despite the score it was never really close.

Mike and Terri said...

Have a safe trip to Kentucky. Looking forward to hearing how it goes with Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Along with everyone else, I am anxious to hear how the Amazon gig goes . . . hopefully it'll be a late winter, and you'll be able to safely get south.

P.S. Go Tigers!

Tom and Marci

Phil and Rudee said...

Like the others, can't wait for the reports on Amazon.
Too bad they don't make a tire chain for the rear of the bike, maybe we could ride year round here in the snow belt LOL.