Thursday, September 1, 2011

Leaving Timberlake and “Moochdocking”

This past week we have been entertaining the grandkids, taking them back and forth to school etc.. Blake had a small accident on the playground and sprained his ankle or foot.

We could not get an exray done because we forgot to get the insurance card from David before he left on his honeymoon. Not smart I know! Our only other option was to take him to the emergency room, but we opted to just have a wait and see approach. Luckily it does not appear to be too serious. He hobbles around and is guarding it pretty well. We kept him home from school today so we could watch him.  Not sure about school on Friday yet, we will see how well he does.

Our last night at Timberlake gave us this beautiful sunset.


Thursday, we moved on over to “Moochdock” at some friends house. We learned the phrase from our friends Howard and Linda at “Moochdocking” is the same as ‘Boondocking” it is just that we are “mooching off of our friends by plugging in at their house for a few days.

We are now at our friends, Kent and Martha Fites home just South of Huntington. They have a nice place with a 30 amp plug for us to use. I do not miss my barn unless I see Kent’s. They have a nice set up to keep their Country Coach motorhome in.


They also have a nice little cabin in the woods where I think the grandboys are talking me into sleeping with them this weekend. I can not wait to see their expression when they see the outhouse.


We will spend Labor day weekend here and then sadly say goodbye to the kids as we head south. This will be a hard goodbye because we know we plan on being out of the area for quite a long time.

Enjoy Your Holiday Weekend!




Laurie and George said...

Aww, I bet you felt horrible not to be able to do something about his ankle. Looks like you'll have a great time in that cabin!

Mike and Terri said...

Poor Blake -- hope his ankle feels better soon. On the upside, no school for a couple days. ;-)

The grandkids will love that cabin!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

nice barn. Have fun in that cabin. You are a good grandpa