Sunday, September 4, 2011

RV Maintenance and Motorcycle Rides

While we are “Moochdocking” at our friends house I thought I would take the opportunity to check the RV brakes and lube the guide pins. As I was doing this I noticed a weird looking wear pattern on one of the tires. Since I had  it pulled off we took it to a tire center to have it looked at. They thought that maybe my axle is out of alignment.

If that was the case I thought that the opposite tire should have worn funny as well. When we got back I checked it and did not see anything that did not look like normal wear. I decided to replace the suspicious tire with my spare and I would use the worn one as my spare. I then thought it would be a good time to rotate tires.

Usually this would not be too bad of a job, but the weather warmed up to the high 90’s and the humidity has been awful. I got it all done in about three hours and when I was done I was whipped.

We had made plans to ride with Kent and Martha down to Upland Indiana to have dinner and ice cream at Ivanhoe’s. The grandboy’s would also get a chance to ride in Kent’s sidecar.

The boys ready to go!


We rode to dinner and then ordered our ice cream. Ivanhoe’s has over 100 Sundays and Shakes to choose from.

Gage trying to decide.


Both boys made their decision and gobbled it down. After Ice cream we rode back home and sat outside and enjoyed the evening talking with our hosts.

Saturday morning Blake’s ankle was doing so much better, I took him on a motorcycle ride to one of our favorite spots along the Wabash river.

Hanging Rock



We spent some quality time talking and climbing over the rocks. We then headed back home to get ready for a cookout.

By the time we got back, Kent had a fire going and brats cooking. Our mutual friends Max and Sue Piper came out as well and we enjoyed a nice evening visiting.


Later in the evening a storm front came through with lightening and a little rain. Nothing too severe but it cooled it down from 95 degrees to about 78 degrees. Awwww much better!

Sunday we do not have much planned. It is suppose to rain during the day so we will probably stay close to the rig. I will be picking up David and Beth at the airport late Sunday night and getting them home. We will take the boys back home on Monday afternoon and then get the rig ready to leave on Tuesday.

We hate saying goodbye to our family and friends but hitch itch is upon us. We will have about 10 days before we head to Kentucky to get ready to work at Amazon.

Enjoy Your Day!



Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Those grandboys will be sorry to see you go as well. You have given them lots of great memories this summer.

Laurie and George said...

Wow, 100 sundaes! Heaven :-)

gypsygirl said...

Hi Dave & Maxine. We are working for Amazon as well but at Fernly NV. We start on the 16th of Oct. We head out to IA tomorrow on our way to SD to establish residence then on to Fernly. We were in Howe IN last week at the factory & met Paul McClellan who knows you. Man it is a small world. Safe travels.

FD5, Retired said...

Hey Dave and Max,
Just to let you know, our 2011 MS has a bent axle, unusual wear on one tire (front door side). I sent and email to Lipert. They requested some axle info and pictures of the tire and they are shipping a new axle and paying for the labor. We will have this done in Mississippi in Nov. I had a tire shop flip the original tire so I wouldn't wear out the spare.

Stay Safe

Mike and Terri said...

I'll bet the boys had a blast riding in that sidecar! And all those choices of ice cream after that -- what a great day!!