Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our First 10 Hour Shift.

Well we survived our first 10 hour shift picking orders. All I can say is that we are whipped. They have us locked down to about three picking mods but the process path is not set up well.

We will pick one item at one end, then walk a very long ways to the other end to pick another item. They want their process paths to be closer together while picking items but for some reason it is not working that way.

Max went to bed at 8:00pm, while I stayed up to unwind a little more. In fact about two big glasses of wine unwinding. Maybe I should not be updating the blog after a few glasses of wine, I might start to slur my typing!

There are so many aisle of merchandise it is unbelievable. I feel like a rat in a maze chasing the cheese!

Saturday we moved from our other site to a new one that has 50 amps. I was not really wanting to move, however the new site has 50 amps. We want to be able to run an oil heater and another ceramic heater on electric this Nov and Dec. Since Amazon is paying for electric I want to take advantage.

I also contacted another goldwing GWRRA member down in the Nashville area to see if we could bring our motorcycle down in early December and store it until we are released from Amazon on the 23rd.  We do not want to get snowed in and figure another 180 miles south will help. Thank you Troy and Vicki Hurt for helping us out. GWRRA people are always there to help, and it is a good feeling to know they are there.

We also went to Amazons picnic on Saturday, and of course I forgot the camera. They had all kinds of food and things for the kids to play on and of course door prizes of which we did not win, but it was a good time talking to other work campers.

That’s about it for now. I am not sure how often I will update the blog in the next week or so. This working for a living is kicking my butt!

Enjoy Your Day!





Anonymous said...

You need roller skates. I am surprised they don't use them.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Hang in there. Think of all the great exercise you are getting.

Joan said...

Wow just think Amazon is including their weight loss plan at no extra charge to you! What could be better. Steve and I are planning to move into our motorhome in Nov. We will be in it until we leave in April. A little stressful as we continue to purge. Hope things go well at Amazon. It might be something we will look into.

Deborah said...

Whew, my feet hurt just thinking abuot it! Good luck, and hang in there.....we are pulling for you!

gypsygirl said...

Hi Dave,

We just arrived today at Fernly and are happy with our site. Drove 365 miles today which is way over our normal but wanted to get here. I am so glad to be in one spot for awhile. It was a great trip across the country and we love WY. Been off the grid for awhile but now have good internet so I can get the blog updated. We have been told by other folks that it takes about 2 weeks to get in the groove of things. And no you didn't slur our typing...2 glasses of wine sounds like a good way to unwind to me! Bottoms up.