Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Days Off and Winterizing

Sunday and Monday we worked our full 10 hour shifts. It is going pretty well other than being very sore. Somehow I need to get my speed up a little bit more. Most of it is learning where all the pick mods are. They unlocked us on Monday, meaning they are letting us pick all over the building and on every floor.

The pick mods are not laid out the same, so we have to figure out where certain aisle locations are. Plus trying to find a new cart in each location can be a challenge. The pick routes will still have us pick an item at one end and then go to another end and then back again.

Our times will vary depending on what shelf level we have to get to. Max is taller than me and has a longer reach, so when I have to get something off of the top bin I have to use a step stool unless it is right at the edge. She rarely has to use it. So if my route calls for a lot of things that happen to be stored high, I will take more time. It will also help once we learn the building a little better.

We have had Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off and we are getting things ready for when the temperatures drop below freezing. We did not have anything for cold weather because we figured we would be south every year.

I bought a new 25 foot water hose and a 30 foot heating cable to tape to the water hose, and some pipe insulation to go over that. We are just following what everyone else that has done this before is doing. We will not be able to winterize our water softener so I will have to bring it inside once it gets colder.



Since we moved down to the new area of the campground they have added more gravel around our site to help with the mud. It is a very soft pad, but so far we have stayed level. It is also very hard to ride the motorcycle through. I have not dumped it but I have had a few close calls. Hopefully they get it all done soon and it gets packed down.

There has been several more rigs that have come in and they need to get more sites ready for more to come. The owners dog “MoJo”, loves to try to catch the gravel as it is pouring out of the dump truck.


Another thing I did was to add a “PVC” rod under our slide awning toppers. This is to help keep the water from pooling up and will also help keep them from flapping in the wind. I saw this from another Mobile Suites owner when we were in Batesville. It took me a few hours to get it all cut and glued for all three slides. I will be able to break it all down and carry it fairly easy.


Wednesday night we had another Mobile Suites pull in next to us. They have had it for just one week and needed some help getting it into the site and level. We helped them get set up and they had a lot of questions. We were only happy to help. 

Wednesday we plan to take a motorcycle ride and scout the country side a little bit before it gets cold and before we get too tired and not want to venture out. We better take advantage because we will probably volunteer for some overtime next week.

Enjoy Your Day!


Joan said...

Well you made it thru your first couple of days. That's a good sign. Hope you enjoy your days off. Ride safe!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you are settling in. I am looking forward to your updates on working there - hopefully you won't be too tired to type! ;)

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

That is a great idea for the slide toppers. I may try to tackle that project back in Texas-