Monday, September 19, 2011

Walk in the Park and Shift Assignment

Sunday morning we awoke to an overcast sky with a hint of rain looming. We decided to walk across the street and pick up a short trail and walk down to the lake. The name of the lake is Green river lake and it is about 8200 acres in size.

The trail starts from the Barn and follows the ridges up and down for about a mile and a half. The trail is mainly used by horses so you have to be careful of a few “apples” on the ground here and there.



We wound our way around the park and had glimpse of the lake here and there. At the end of the trail there was a few benches were we could sit and have a view of the lake below.


We then took a side trail down to the waters edge. It was down a pretty good hill. Bad thing is we had to walk back up that hill. At the waters edge we were able to sit and enjoy the cove we were in and watched a dad and his son fish.


We stayed for a little bit then we headed back up the hill. A little huffing and puffing later we made it back to the top. We just thought of it as Amazon training. We took the trail back to the RV and we got just about half way back when it started to rain.  We did not get to wet so all was good.

When we got back I spent a few hours listening to the Chiefs game while Max cleaned the inside of the rig. Speaking of getting cleaned. The Lions pretty much cleaned the Chiefs clocks. I think the Chiefs should have stayed in lock out mode.

Monday we went to our “Social” for Amazon. It was held at the Heartland campground across the road from Amazon. We met our mentors and had our pictures taken for our badges. We also found out that we will be on the day shift and will work 10 hours on Sunday, Monday ,Friday and Saturday so our days off will be Tue, Wed, Thu.

We will be in “Outbound” and will be “Pickers”. Unfortunately not the “Pickers” I see on TV. Since we are in “outbound”, overtime is mandatory. Meaning when peak season comes, we will be putting in up to 59 hours a week.

The good news or bad news, and I will let you know which at a later date, is that “Pickers” will walk around 15 miles a day. It is fast paced and I am sure we will be exhausted every night I am sure.

I am currently working on a solution for all of the walking, here is my prototype.

flying copy

Tuesday we will get our safety and orientation and then will work half days for the rest of this week. We will then start our 10 hour days on Sunday. I will miss the Chiefs games but so far I am not missing much.

Enjoy Your Day!



Laurie and George said...

Anxious to hear how your Amazon job goes. We're thinking about it, but it might be too much standing for either of us 'older' people :)

gypsygirl said...

Glad you got the day shift that you wanted. I look forward to hearing how it goes. We start on the 16th Oct and just found out that we got into the campground that we wanted in Frenly. Make money and get paid to excercise plus all the new friends you are making. It's all good!!!

Tom and Marci said...

Your prototype looks good! Hmmm . . . 15 miles/day . . . well it's good exercise! Have fun -- I'll think of you guys (and all the other RVers at Amazon) when I'm doing my Christmas shopping this season!

Mike and Terri said...

Love your prototype (LOL!!), and glad to hear that you're on the day shift. Looking forward to your updates.

Jessica said...

I just found you today from a friend's recommendation. Harry and I are thinking about doing Amazon too, so I am looking forward to your updates. I hope you won't be too tired to give them!! ;)