Sunday, September 18, 2011

Green River Stables (Campbellsville Ky)


Max and I made it to Campbellsville without any major problems. The campground we chose was mainly based on being able to get a reservation. Most of the ones closer to Amazon were already reserved.

We think that we will like this campground better because it is smaller and right next to the Green River State Park. We can walk right across the road and pick up one of the hiking trails into the park.

The campground itself only has about 25 sites but they are trying to get the new section open within the next 2 weeks. They currently put us on a 30 amp site but will have us move to a 50 amp in the new section soon.

We are at the end of the park next to a fence line. If we had 50 amp I would probably be content to keep this site.


We do have neighbors very close to us though. The gravel in front of our awning leads to their site. Luckily they have a small class c motorhome that sits way back in their site. It may be tight quarters but we are here to work.

Here are a couple of pictures of the new section.



They will all be 50 amp and getting satellite will not be an issue. I am thinking they should have it ready to move in a few more weeks.

I met some of the other neighbors also.



Saturday we had to make a grocery run. There is a Kroger’s and a Wal-mart fairly close. We went to Wal-mart and bought our groceries. All was well until I went to find the wine. Uh Oh! This is a dry county.

Luckily we found out that we are about 7 miles from the county line and that there were two stores just past the line where I could replenish my supply. After getting groceries put away we hopped on the bike and found it. Whew! Disaster avoided.

Saturday night everyone in the campground gathered round a campfire and got to know each other. Everyone here is, or will be working for Amazon. Several have done it last year and are returning. We heard a few horror stories but mostly it was positive.


We have a social gathering on Monday to meet and get our shift and department schedules. Then on Tuesday, we get all of our safety training and other orientation. We will then work 5 hour days for about three days then start the full schedule next week.

We did learn another thing last night. If we stay for the whole commitment (Dec 23rd), we will get a dollar an hour bonus for every hour worked. That will be nice.

Sunday is our last day of retirement for awhile. It also is my birthday so we will spend it watching a few football games and maybe check out a few trails in the park before we start working and are too tired to hike.

Enjoy Your Day!


Jim and Dee said...

I hope it all works out. Don't forget to blog when you're working. It will be great following what happens, good or bad.

Great bonus!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Let us know how it goes. Glad you found a place to get wine. We ran in to that in Arkansas.

Mike and Terri said...

We hope it will be an enjoyable experience for you with many lasting friendships made.

Glad you were able to find a wine store. Whew -- close call! ;-)

gypsygirl said...

Happy Bday and glad you got that wine problem handled!