Thursday, October 13, 2011

Geocaching and Truck Issues

This week we have Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday off. Tuesday we decided to take the sons of another work camping couple, out Geocaching for the first time.

The boys are 8  and 11 and were very excited about the opportunity to go. I found a few cache’s not to far away and we picked them up in the late afternoon.

Isaac and Christian 


The first cache was about a mile hike down one of the Horse/Mountain Bike trails that went along the Green River lake.

Along the way we came along this old rusted contraption. Not sure what it is. It has what looks like a crank handle next to the wheel. It must be some sort of farming implement I guess


We wound are way through the woods showing the boys how to use the GPS’S. They caught on pretty quick. The trail took us to the lake edge and we had some pretty views.


When we got close to the cache Max spotted it right away because it was not hidden very well at all. I saw it immediately also, but since the boys have not seen a “cache” before they were not sure what they were looking for.  Isaac spotted it soon and I worked with Christian until he found it.

They were pretty excited but we had to tell them that they did not have to work very hard for this one. When we left we put it back in its spot and covered it up better to make it a little harder to spot.


We hiked back out to the truck and was going to another cache when my “Drain Water Separator” light came on, along with a wrench icon. Normally I drain the separator about once a month. This time the light came on and also the wrench icon, and my engine had a substantial loss of power. I pulled over and drained the separator. The manual says that after draining the separator the light should go out. If it does not to take it to a service center. Since the wrench icon came on it means that the engine is in limp mode. It has a limited amount of power and torque to protect the engine.

We were only about 8 miles from the campground so we limped back and shut it down. Wednesday I called the Ford Emergency Service and had it towed to a dealer about 20 miles away.

Not a good sight. The truck only has 12,245 miles on it. I hope that it is nothing too major, and this is a sign of more issues down the road.


We followed it to the dealer with the motorcycle and the dealer said he probably would not get to it until sometime on Thursday or Friday. He does have one diesel mechanic and I hope he is a good one. Luckily the truck is under warranty.

On our way home we toured the dam area of the Green River Lake. It was a very pretty ride through the park.

From the visitor center overlook.


There was also the Atkinson Griffin log house. This house was used as a Confederate hospital during the battle of Tebbs Bend along the Green River.


You can get the key from the visitors center to tour the inside. There is a battlefield diorama and several artifacts from the battle. The house was used as a hospital and in the upstairs rooms you can still see blood stains in the wood flooring.


It was interesting and it reminded us what our country has gone through.

We made it back home where I grilled some chicken and we did a little visiting with other work campers. We have Thursday off and it is suppose to rain all day so we will probably just stay inside and relax.

Our boss at Amazon said on Monday that she may re-assign us for other duty. She wants to put Max up into the high value jewelry area, and me working with conveyor throughput issues. Not sure what that means yet, but I think I will be going from conveyor to conveyor on different floors making sure there are no bottlenecks.

I guess we shall see.

Enjoy Your Day!


Steve and Joan said...

Hope the problem with your truck is an easy fix. Just goes to show's always something!

gypsygirl said...

Sending positive energy for your truck and hoping it's a minor issue. Did you like being a picker or did you ask for a new assignment?

Dave and Maxine- Wandering Wingers said...

Bonnie, We do not mind being a picker at all. It is very good exercise. We are both pretty good at it. I think as their needs change they tend to re-assign people as needed. Fine with us, we like different things.

Mike and Terri said...

Oooo -- sorry to hear about your truck. Hope it's nothing major.

Will be interested to hear about your new Amazon assignments.

Rebecca said...

The picture of the floor you have is water stains. I was just there for the second time and they are right under the sign that says bloodstains remain on the floor. They are about the size of a regular sharpie or smaller and if you look close you can see the splatter pattern made when the blood dripped on the floor. This picture is 90 degrees to the right because you can see the rocking chair in your pic.