Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Truck is Fixed….. Maybe


Last Wednesday we had our truck towed to a small dealership due to a service light coming on and the engine going into safe mode.

The dealership called on Thursday and said it was done. It was raining so we had to suit up with our rain suits and ride the 30 minutes in the rain. When we got there the service manager said that they just reset the code and drained a little more fuel out of the system.

We went to the truck and Max started it up and immediately the service light came back on again. I went back inside to the service manager and told him to have his mechanic try again. The mechanic came out and gave us a blank look. It was like he expected me to tell him what to do next. I was not happy riding the bike back home in the rain without the truck.

Our confidence in this dealer was not very high. When we got home I got on the internet and was researching the Ford forums for similar issues. What I learned was that there was some issues with the water separator sensor. I was hoping that this was all that it turned out to be.

We had to go back to work on Friday and all I thought about was the truck. I had visions of this small dealership, dissecting the engine and the mechanic having parts laying all over the floor looking confused.

The service department closes at 4:30pm and we do not get off until 5:00pm. I expected to see a phone message each day when we got home but I did not. I decided to just wait until Tuesday when we were off to call them.

Saturday night the campground had their weekly social at the club house. The campground owners smoked a few pork roasts and everyone brought a dish. It was all very good. I was trying to refrain from eating too much but I was not able to resist.

So far I have lost about 15 pounds and so has Max. Hopefully we can lose more before they re-assign us. I am not sure when they plan on changing our jobs. Probably not until peak season hits just after Thanksgiving. That’s okay with me. Walking 10 to 15 miles a day and lifting  totes is exhausting, but it is strengthening our muscles.

Tuesday we had to go to Somerset to get some health supplements Max had ordered. It was about an hour and a half ride through central Kentucky. The leaves are really pretty even for me. ( color blind)

From Somerset we rode over to Columbia to the dealership to check on the truck. It was done and the service manager told us that it was the water separator sensor and that they replaced it. He showed us the old one and how it had shorted out. Okay, the problem was what I thought it was. Thankfully it did not turn out to be anything major.

We do not drive the truck much so I will have to make sure I drive it enough to make sure it is good. I do not want to wait until December then try to hitch up and find out we still have a problem.

This week while I am off, I am finishing up on getting the outside ready for freezing temps. We are hoping to finish our Bourbon tour next week. Having three days off is good. I am not looking forward to working all of the overtime after Thanksgiving but luckily it is only for a month. I really should not be complaining. After December we get to go back into retirement mode.

Enjoy your Day!


Jessica and Harry said...

Awesome - 15 pounds! A nice side benefit to working there. :)

Hope your truck is fixed for the last time!!

Steve and Joan said...

Wow! Just think how much you would have had to pay to lose all that weight on a diet program. What a perk! Hope all is good with your truck. Steve and I are still without the MH. May be picking it up today. Would you say most people would be able to do the work you're doing without problems?

Dan and Tricia said...

Good to hear that the truck is fixed! Keep on blogging about your work at Amazon...may have to pick up that gig in the future! Take care!

Mike and Terri said...

Holy cannoli -- 15 pounds!! That really is a nice perk!

Really glad to hear that your truck issue wasn't anything major. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you that they got it fixed this time.

gypsygirl said...

So glad to hear the truck is fixed. I am wish our campground hosted dinners. Almost everybody here works for Amazon and they don't do anything but atleast we are only 6 miles from work as some folks are 25 miles away which would stink after getting off work at 4:30am. We are on nights and work in shipping. It's a good job, we pack up orders but don't do alot of walking but hope to still shed some pounds. There isn't much time for anything else working 10 hour days but thats what we are here for, the almighty dollar! We will kick back in Quarsite.

Isabella Pospisil said...

You may need to visit that forum often, in case a similar incident happens in the future. Maybe you could ask the tow truck driver for a good repair shop if it happens again.