Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Half Way Point Already


Having been back to work for the last six weeks I realized something. Retirement is better! Not that working is so bad, it’s just I would rather be out exploring. Besides, I miss my two hour coffee time every morning.

We have been taking the motorcycle most mornings to work if it is not raining. A few mornings the temps were down to about 34 degrees. Luckily, we only have about a 5 mile ride. When it looks like we might have ice on the road, we will take the truck.

We are still picking and working 10 hours for four days a week. We normally have Tuesday’s off, but today we will be working a split shift on overtime so they can do a stress test of the facility. They want to have a shift with double the work force to see how the system handles it. They want to try to head off any issues before peak season hits.

We are holding up pretty well. We are still losing weight but I would lose it better if we stayed away from the weekly pot lucks and the occasional buffets in town.

We have made many new friends here and will probably meet up with some of them in Quartzsite this January. We are looking forward to spending a few weeks boondocking.

We even went as far as buying a couple of metal detectors so we can prospect a little bit. I have been thinking of getting a detector for some time and decided that since we will be out in Quartzsite that this would be a good time to get them.

We bought a couple of Whites MXT models that have a prospecting mode. This way we can use it for searching for gold and then when we are in other area’s of the country we can switch it to coin and relic mode.


Kellyco had a good sale and we got about 200 dollars worth of accessories for free. This included carrying bags, headsets, and a couple of pin pointers.

We will join the local metal detecting club in Quartzsite and this will give us permission to hunt on local claim property that the club has lease rights to.

Every year a few lucky people find a few nice nuggets. We don’t really expect to find any but it’s the hunt that will be fun. Besides, this will also give me the best chance to find a rattle snake or a scorpion. I promised the grand boy’s that if I find one in the desert I would send them a picture. They always ask me if I have found one yet.

That’s about it for this week, here is a picture of Emma from Halloween.

Enjoy Your Day!





Mike and Terri said...

That's gotta be the cutest Care Bear I've ever seen!

Happy hunting with your new metal detectors!

Laurie and George said...

What a cutie! Your Amazon experience has flown by. Seems that way to me anyway :-)

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

very cute