Thursday, November 10, 2011

Working and Max’s Birthday Dinner

This last week we put in an extra 10 hour shift and was suppose to put in another half shift. 

One day Amazon tells us that voluntary overtime is on, and we can work up to 60 hours a week. We sign up for a full shift of 10 hours and for a half shift of 5 hours for later in the week. The same day we are working the 10 hour shift they announce that all overtime is cancelled.

Luckily we got in a 10 hour shift. It seems that this is the norm for them depending on forecasted orders. If they do not reach a certain level then they will cancel the overtime. We have to be flexible to work or not work. Luckily this RV lifestyle has made us pretty flexible.

So far Max and I have each lost 20 pounds. We are watching what we eat while we are here and with the physical work we are doing we are able to lose a little. I am hoping to drop another 20 while we are here.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming it will be very hard to refrain from all of the goodies. We apologize to our fellow work campers if we do not socialize with everyone as much as we should. We just have to take advantage of it. Once we leave I know I will not be walking 12 to 15 miles 4 or 5 days a week. I will have to get into a routine on the elliptical like Max has. UGG!

We received the metal detectors that we had ordered also this week. I put them together and we watched the DVD that came with them on how to use them for each different mode. It looks like they are fairly easy to use.

If the weather cooperates we will take them to the city park and try them out later this week. I called the city hall to see if it was permissible to use the detectors in the park and the lady said she did not know and did not know whom to even ask. I guess we will go out and try it and see if anyone says anything.

Wednesday was Maxine’s birthday. There is a steak house here in town called Colton’s. It is like a Lonestar or a Texas Roadhouse but not quite as good. It was still good but it is tough to beat Texas Roadhouse. We enjoyed our dinner and for dessert we shared a big slice of cheesecake.

We knew this all was not on our diet, but we worked an extra shift this week so…. we figured it would not be to devastating. I can always justify food!

That’s it for this week

Enjoy Your Day!



Steve and Joan said...

Happy Birthday Max! Wow I'm impressed....20lbs. Always watching for blog updates but you guys sure sound like you're "working" so I can see where you're lucky to post now and then. Take care!

Mike and Terri said...

Happy birthday Maxine! I believe a birthday celebration along with a 20-lb. weight loss for each of you certainly justifies a nice steak dinner and a slice of cheesecake!

Laurie and George said...

Happy Birthday Maxine! You guys are doing great. George and I would really like to try the Amazon thing, so we need to get into shape physically before next year! 20 pounds is great!

Al and Karen said...

Happy Birthday. So far we have had no overtime; in fact, almost every shift we've gotten the VTO call. Well, I have anyway. Al works full-time in the clinic now. I haven't taken VTO, but they have moved my crew over to ICQA the last 2 nights instead of receiving.

Dan and Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Maxine and congrats to both of you on the weight loss! Take care!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Happy Birthday Max! Good job to you both on the Weight Loss.

gypsygirl said...

Happy Birthday Max.