Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Max and I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving day. It was hard for us not being around the family. I know that they are enjoying the day with in-laws and at home starting their own traditions. We miss you all very much!

Here at the Greene River Stables campground we had a huge pot luck.  We had three turkey’s and one ham. The turkeys were cooked in a couple of oil less infrared cookers.


They turned out great!


We had food lined up


We put several picnic tables in the barn for us to sit at.


Then we filled them


There was so much food. I tried not to over indulge, however I caved in. It was all just too good.

Last night, Maxine made candied apple’s for today. She peeled and cored about 8lbs of apples. Then we went out and gave the peelings to the horses.

This morning, they remembered Max and quickly came over to see if she had another treat. She told them she was sorry that she did not have anything. They were content though, just getting their noses scratched.


We will be working on Black Friday and I am sure that it will be crazy. We should get into mandatory overtime starting this week. We really only have about 22 more days to work. We know it will go fast and we are itching to get headed west but  we also want to enjoy our time left as much as we can.

Time for me to get some more dessert!

Enjoy your day!

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Mike and Terri said...

Wow -- look at that spread! Let the holidays begin!