Tuesday, November 29, 2011



Peak season is now here at Amazon. On Black Friday we picked and shipped around 312,000 items. I have not heard the numbers yet for Cyber Monday but I think this facility may have broken a record. We were busier than on Black Friday.

Maxine has been placed in the “HRV” area, which is were all the high value jewelry is processed. The people working there have a higher security clearance and are the only ones allowed on that floor.

She is “packing” which involves taking the jewelry and putting it in the little boxes. She has seen some very pretty jewelry. I think she likes it there and is pretty fast at packing. She will not get as much exercise as she did when picking, but her knees are loving it.

As for me, they move me around between picking, un-jamming the conveyors and replenishing the totes that the pickers use in the pick mods. It is very physical and requires a lot of lifting, pushing and bending. I use a pallet jack a lot,  hauling skids of totes and then un-stacking them and putting them under the conveyors.

Depending on the day, I can get quite a work out. I look at it as they are paying me to get into better shape. In reality, I need to do this for about six more months to get in good shape. It is embarrassing when these 65 year olds kick my but playing pickleball.

We only have about 18 working days until we are released. They are starting a list of those work campers that want to stay for a few weeks longer. We will not stay any longer because we need to get the motorcycle south as quick as we can. Right now we are taking a big chance staying this late into December.

I will leave you with a couple pictures of our grandson Blake with the Trebuchet he and his dad built for a school project. they did not have any plans, they just looked at pictures on the net. Good job boys. Wish grandpa was there to help!

A trebuchet is a siege engine that was employed in the Middle Ages.  The counterweight trebuchet appeared in both Christian and Muslim lands around the Mediterranean in the twelfth century. It could fling projectiles of up to three hundred and fifty pounds at high speeds into enemy fortifications. Look out neighbors!

Here is a picture of a working one.



Notice the KC shirt. He has not been corrupted by his uncle Mike yet. (Colts fan)





Okay boys, build a bigger one and enter into the “Chunkin Pumpkins” contest.

Enjoy Your Day!




Anonymous said...

We just watched punkin chunkin the other night -- what a riot!

They did a good job on the small version. I'm doing my part to keep you busy -- even got in on one of the Cyber Monday "lightning deals"!

Marci & Tom

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Only 18 more days! It sounds like it was not too bad. Let us know when you head for AZ. We might be able to meet up. We will probably be at my parents in Deming NM.