Saturday, December 31, 2011

Deming Nm & Dinner With Friends

We gained another hour traveling west into New Mexico. As we passed the “Entering Mountain Time Zone” sign I was watching the clock in the trucks GPS. It is set to automatically adjust going from time zone to time zone. It changed the moment I was even with the sign. Amazing, well to me anyway!

We made it to the Dream Catcher Escapee’s park around 3:00pm. With a pull through site and only staying one night, set up was a breeze. We both had time to get on the elliptical and work out,  get showers before we were to meet friends for dinner.

Last April we went to the RV-Dreams Rally in Tennessee where we met Jo Beth and Catherine. They travel in a Itasca Suncruiser motorhome. They started fulltiming this year and also have a blog of their travels. R-V Crazy Travel Journal

Jo Beth grew up here in Deming and since they were here visiting family we thought we would get together for dinner.  When they picked us up they presented us with a bottle of wine from a local winery. There are two wineries here in Deming. Who would have thought that in this climate! I found out later that this area also use to produce cotton. 

They took us to a local Mexican Restaurant called Si Senior. It was all very good.

Max, Catherine and Jo Beth


I had the Chicken Enchiladas, this is a little bit different from the Tex-Mex we got in Texas. This was a little bit spicier and hotter. Which is the way I like it.


After a great dinner and conversation we headed around the block to a little pub and micro brewery. I think it was called Mirimers. They had several different beers and we sampled a few. They were pretty good.


Fermenting tanks.


 The final product. I like how they had to label the tanks “Tax Determined”. They only have to pay the tax on the finished product and not what is currently brewing.


After a few beers they dropped us off back at our rig. With hugs and “See Ya Laters”, we wished them safe travels. We had a great time catching up with Jo Beth and Catherine and swapping RV stories. They are headed back to Texas as we are headed west. I know our paths will cross again and that is what makes this lifestyle so much fun. We will be able to do it all over again in some other town. Thanks ladies for a great evening!

Saturday we are headed to Benson Az, to spend a week or so. We are looking forward to a few down days. Happy New Year Everyone!

Enjoy Your Day!

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Marty and Roz said...

Being Goldwing rider, my hat is off to Max for her riding ability, rain or shine, hot or cold, sort of like the US Mail...Continued safe travels...