Thursday, December 29, 2011

Travel Days and Tire Snakes

Our time in Canton was pretty restful. We did not do much but watch a little TV and relax. We did find a place to have Christmas Dinner. We ended up going to a truck stop that had a Christmas Buffet. Not the dinner with all the trimmings like we use to have, but still not bad for what it was.

Canton is known for its First Monday’s, meaning that the first Monday of every month there is a huge flea market. By the looks of things I would say it is very big. We are not big on shopping or hitting flea markets but this one would be fun to see if we were to be here the first of the month.

Maybe the next time we come out this way we will remember and take the time to see it. There is a pretty good Mexican restaurant in town called Ochoa’s CafĂ©. We got our Tex-Mex fix there.

I took the Goldwing to the Honda shop in Tyler to get new tires put on. It took them a couple of hours and while they had it they checked it for the recall notice that was issued for the brake master cylinder. There was not any problems so they got me on my way pretty fast.

We left Canton on Wednesday morning with a short travel day to Mingus Texas. There is a Passport America campground right off I20 and it is only $15 for the night. Our only hiccup coming here was that I hit a piece of tire debris or a tire snake from an 18 wheeler.

The tire piece came up under the RV and took out our sewer pipe where we attach our drain hose.  Once we got set up in Mingus we took the bike about 25 miles south to a plumbing supply store. They did not have what I needed so I will just have to MacGyver it until I can get some parts ordered from the factory.

Luckily I had some rubber connections and clamps so I could at least get us to where we can dump when needed. I will have to watch it close, I do not want to look like Robin Williams in the movie RV!

Today we are headed to Pecos to the Escapees park and then tomorrow we will head to the Escapees park in Deming NM. While there we hope to meet up with some fellow RV-Dreamers we met last April at the rally in Tennessee.

These are quick travel days and not the way we want to travel but once we get to Arizona we should be able to slow down and enjoy the area’s better. 

Enjoy Your Day!

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Tom and Marci said...

Tire snake...was wondering what that was...You mean you could not dodge it...LOL Best not to with such a big rig...Safe travels