Saturday, January 21, 2012

Desert Geocaching and Desert Bar

The first few days of our Quartzsite adventure has been spent shopping the vendors and flea market area’s of downtown. We are really not into shopping that much but looking at all the stuff that is here is interesting.

The big tent RV show starts today (Saturday) however we do not plan on going over to it until Tuesday. There will be plenty of vendors there that we have not seen yet and hopefully some of them will have the last remaining items we are looking for.

We have gone to the “Happy Hours” most days at 4:00pm for the latest information on what is going on. Then we have been going back to the rig for dinner then back over to the campfire circle for evening fires.

Our friends Dan and Judy are parked next to us and I think Judy took pity on me for my wine glass. She brought over a present for me. It is a “Hillbilly Wine Glass” It is a Mason Jar glued on top of a  candlestick. It is awesome! I can fill it up with wine and not spill a drop getting to the campfire. Plus since it has a lid, it helps keep the pesky gnats out that keep wanting wine samples.

Thanks Judy!


Friday, Judy joined us on a short geocache hunt for 4 caches that were with a few miles of our site. It was a great walk and fun finding the caches. The sunny 75 degree weather and the scenery makes it hard to believe it is January.

Max and Judy spotted some Barrel Cactus that had babies next to it.


We found all four caches I just about a 2 hour hike.

Max and Judy by the first cache


The scenery was beautiful


We made it back in time for the “Happy Hour” and then Max and I grilled some pork chops for dinner and then spent the rest of the evening socializing at the campfire.

Saturday we took a trip to Parker Arizona to the Blue Water Casino. There we joined the Players club for free, which gave us $10 free on slots and a free lunch or dinner buffet.

We were stopping there for lunch so this was a great deal. Not only did we get a free lunch, Max won $15.00 on their money. I of course lost mine in about 2 minutes.

After lunch our destination was the “Desert Bar”. It is located outside of Parker and is only open on the weekends during the winter months. It is accessible only by a 5 mile dirt road that meanders through the mountain. We did not take the goldwing. Dan and Judy offered to take us in their Honda CRV.



The bar is solar powered and is located at an old mine site. They have food, beer, wine and a live band. Here are some random shots of the bar.





It was a very unique place, and the drive out after a few beers could get dicey.

Sunday we plan to watch a little football and Max is going to make us all tacos. The wind was gusting to about 30 mph on Saturday so hopefully the wind will die down by then. If not it will be football and hotdogs.

I will leave you with one of our sunsets. Life is good!


Enjoy Your Day! 




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Mike and Terri said...

Love that hillbilly wine glass. What a hoot!