Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quartzsite Update

We have been at “Q” for 10 days now. This is the longest we have dry camped and so far so good. I have been running the generator for about 3 hours each day. Some times in the late morning and sometimes in the evening. So far our batteries are doing well.

I do not have an invertor, so all we are pulling from the batteries is the refrigerator and a few lights in the evening. We have been pretty frugal with the power and we are getting by pretty well.

On Friday we will hitch up and go dump and take on fresh water and return to our spot. We thought about moving to the south side of town and get closer to the mountains but I think we will just come back to the same spot. It is very open here and less crowded.

We went to the big tent on Tuesday and roamed around and looked at all the goodies. We did our part to help out the economy. Since being here we have bought chairs, umbrellas, a flag pole, a dry wash cleaning system, prospecting tools for metal detecting, and a bunch of smaller items. It has been fun looking at everything, but we are starting to get shopped out. It is pretty crowded everywhere you go.

Wednesday we met another couple that we met last year in Texas. They are here working with one of the vendors in the big tent. We met at Silly Al’s pizza and enjoyed a great evening talking with them again. We also went to the post office to get our mail and had to stand in line for about an hour and a half. I am glad we only have to do this one time. Next month we will have it sent to California.

The town has two stop lights. With 50,000 rv’ers here it does not take long for the traffic to back up. Parking is another issue when going places. The motorcycle has come in handy for parking, and I can usually squeeze in someplace.

The Rv show will end this weekend and most of the crowed should start to dissipate . We are going to stay for the craft and car show Feb 3-6th. Max’s sister and husband are planning to drive out from Phoenix and spend that weekend with us.

I have not gone out metal detecting for gold yet but plan to in the coming few days. I do not expect to find anything but I will get some badly needed exercise in any event. Plus we plan on taking a day trip up to Lake Havasu to see the London Bridge and other things.

That it it for now, time to get some more sun.

Enjoy Your Day!


Laurie and George said...

Seems there are a few dreamers there. Did you meet up with Marti & Paul yet?

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Sounds like you are doing well with the boon-docking. We have yet to try that for more than one night.

gypsygirl said...

Hey Dave and Maxine, the other day a Mobile Suite pulled in a street next to us so we went over to talk to them and during the conversation we found out that you all were just together in Quarsite. It was Sue and Paul Porter, what a small world. Sounds like you all are having a great time.

Mike and Terri said...

Great job on boondocking. 10 days and still going strong is impressive.