Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last Few Days with Friends

Since our kayak trip last Friday we have just been hanging out at the RV and spending time off and on with our friends Dan and Judy.

I have gotten into a routine in the morning of making coffee by heating water on the stove and then just pour it through the Mr. Coffee machine. It works just the same but takes a little longer. It is worth it though because the “Cowboy Coffee” they make over at the fire circle has too many things floating around in it. If I have to chew my coffee it is a little bit too strong for me.

We have taken a few morning walks out into the desert and enjoyed the warmth of the mid morning sun. On Monday Dan found a rattlesnake that was out sunning himself. So of course I had to go check it out. He was a small one and two little for rattles yet. He will not start getting rattles until he sheds for the first time. Then he will add a rattle for each shedding thereafter.



I need to get me a good snake stick to help me catch them. My walking stick will not do. I placed it down next to him and he struck it several times and really hissed for such a little feller! He eventually decided to head back to his den. Luckily it was in the opposite direction of our RV.

Monday night we enjoyed a campfire. The evening weather starts to cool down as soon as the sun goes down but with the campfire it was very pleasant. There are only a few people here left from the “Boon Dockers” group. Most of them headed south to Ajo Arizona to boondock. It is East of Yuma and just north of Organ Pipe Cactus National Park.

Since Dan and Judy plan on pulling out on Wednesday, we all wanted to get together for dinner at Silly Al’s pizza here in Quartzsite. Max and I have been there twice before and was looking forward to it again. The pizza there is very good. We think Dan and Judy thought so too.

I also was able to take Judy on a short Motorcycle ride.


After dinner we went to their rig and played Fast Track. Boy’s against the girls, and the series was tied 5 to 5. This evening would decide the champions of the world! I won’t say who won, but I will just say


Wednesday morning Dan and Judy got packed up. They are just moving a short distance to Bouse Az. Dan is having some problems with his knee and has an Orthopedic appointment later in the month in Phoenix.

Dan and Judy have been full timing for 14 years, and have been there and done that. We have picked up some good advice from their experiences. We will miss you guys but I know we will meet down the road somewhere. Beside I know the girls will want a rematch Winking smile Safe travels you two!

Dan and Judy Todd


We will be here in Quartzsite until Monday. Maxine’s sister Betty and her husband Randy are coming out from Phoenix to spend the night with us on Saturday. The craft show and the car show will be in town so we will walk around and see the exhibits.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we are going to take a bike ride to Lake Havasu and see the London Bridge and the lake. Stay tuned!

Enjoy Your Day!



Laurie and George said...

Sounds like the 'Q' agreed with you. Great times :)

Mike and Terri said...

Can't say I'm into chewing my coffee either. :-)