Monday, January 30, 2012

Kayak Trip and Taking It Easy

Last Friday several of us took our kayaks up to Buckskin Mountains State Park north of Parker. There, we put in on the Colorado River and would float the 8 to 10 miles down to the Blue Water Casino and take out.

The Buckskin Mountains State Park looks like it would be a great campground.


This was our put in site.


Looking upriver


The river did not have a fast current so we had to paddle most of the way. When we started out the wind was a non factor but at about the halfway point it started to pick up. And by the end we were battling white caps.

Ken and Kathy




Judy, Trish, and Bev


The river was fairly wide and started out with nice cliffs and small mountains.


Then it opened up to resort homes and campgrounds.


There were several restaurants and bars along the way. This one had a pirate ship.


It was not a nature float but it gave us a good view of all the campgrounds and water sports that are available.

When we were getting close to our takeout the wind was about 25 mph, and it was a crosswind. It kept  pushing us into the shoreline. The last half mile was pretty brutal trying to keep the kayak from beaching. Finally we made our destination. We were all pretty tired.

We packed up, then headed to get some supplies at Wal-Mart in Parker before we made the hour drive back to Quartzsite.

Saturday we took the rig into Quartzsite to dump and to take on fresh water. It only took a couple of hours to get it all done. We have done pretty well dry camping and we still had a little room for a day or so if needed.

Sunday we sat out in the warm sunshine. Max worked on her cross stitch and I did a small scroll saw project. Later we took a motorcycle ride over the mountains to Bouse Az. There are some really pretty boondocking area’s on that side of the mountains. It is more secluded and peaceful than the crazy Quartzsite area’s. We turned around and headed to Quartzsite for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We wrapped up the evening with a campfire visiting with friends.

We are here for another week yet but we are ready to get back to full hook ups for awhile. We will have a ton of laundry to do and the rig will need a thorough dusting. Even the dust needs dusting!

Enjoy Your Day! 



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