Saturday, April 14, 2012

Changing Plans On The Fly

Last week after looking at the weather forecast, we decided not to go to Soledad Canyon, yet. We would wait two weeks and let the weather warm up a little bit more. The forecasted high was only going to be around 55.

Last Thursday we changed our reservations for two of our 3 weeks there and set them up for Palm Desert where it would be around 70 degrees.  Plus they have a very active pickleball group there.

Tuesday we left JoJoba Hills and started our 100 mile journey to Palm Desert. As we were driving we were going right past the Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails Resort where we spent three weeks in February and early March.

As we approached the turn off to the resort, I got on the CB radio and stated to Max that we should just stop in and see if they had room. It would save us an hour drive plus the diesel. It was also an hour east of where we would eventually be heading.

We stopped at the gate and checked in. There was room available, so we pulled in and found a great pull through. There were trees to the south so I was worried about Satellite TV coverage. We plugged the RV in and turned on the Satellite. According to the monitor it found all three Satellites, so we then unhitched and set up.

I went to turn on some music from the Satellite and the receiver could not detect the Satellites. I am not sure but I think I am getting enough signal for the dish to lock on but not enough for video and audio. Since we were already set up, I was not going to move. We will just have to rough it with over the air TV. I can receive the networks okay and a bunch of other stations, its just that I really miss the DVR. I like to record and then watch.

We settled in and made some baked fish for dinner. Some people we met here last time stopped to say hello and asked if we was going to go to the clubhouse to play cards while we were here. We visited for awhile and then called it a night. Wednesday we took it easy all day and then went up to play some pegs and jokers with several people.

Thursday we made plans to go to the Morongo Casino in Cabazon for their seafood buffet. It is a nice one hour motorcycle ride and the food is really good. Since we were there we also had to try our luck at the slots. I have determined that I do not have any luck.

Maxine on the other hand at least has a little. She won $70 dollars on a .30 cent bet. She played a little bit longer but stopped in time to be able to buy our dinner with her winnings. Cool!

Friday, we stayed in due to it raining and made it a movie matinee day. We do not have any big plans for the next two weeks. I want my “Tennis Leg” to heal so I can play pickleball again. Max will be working hard on Ethan’s baby blanket. So not too much excitement from here. Looks like the Kindle is going to get a workout for awhile.

Enjoy Your Day!

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Mike and Terri said...

A free dinner with Maxine's winnings -- score!

Hope your leg continues to heal.