Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day At The Beach

The rains have moved out and the weather has started to warm up, finally! Due to the cool weather and the rain we pretty much stayed inside and read. We also got involved with the “Words With Friends” game on facebook. We have been playing it with some friend of ours back in Indiana, as well with each other.

It seems really geeky to be playing a scrabble like game with Maxine sitting across the table from me, with her laptop and me with mine. We make our moves and wait for the signal to go to some tower and then to some server somewhere and then maybe even to a satellite, make a decision and then reverses trajectory and ends up on a laptop 8 inches from the originating source. Think of the energy and bandwidth we would save if we would just pull out the scrabble board.

Monday we went to do our weekly grocery shopping and to get some maintenance items for the motorcycle. I need to change the oil and filter. It definitely needs to be changed. This will be the first time I have changed it in a campground. I bought a oil drain pan that also doubles as a storage container for the waste oil. This way I can take the oil back to Wal-Mart to dispose of it. If I take the bike to a Honda dealer to do it, it would cost a little over $100 for the synthetic oil, filter and labor. I can do it for around $40.

Tuesday we made plans to go to Aliso Beach just south of Laguna Beach. It is a Orange County park and has easy access, rest rooms and a snack bar. It can get a bit crowded but still it is a very clean, pretty beach. It is about an hour and a half motorcycle ride from our campground, but it takes us over the coastal mountains which is a very scenic ride.

Alisio Beach


We picked a spot and set up our chairs, umbrellas and our cooler.


In front of us some kids were surfing. We watched with amazement how these kids would ride the wave out, turn and catch the wave coming back in.

Surfing out.


Catching the incoming wave and turning


Riding the wave back to shore


Yeah Max, I could do that! If I wanted to……


We had a great day just sitting on the beach watching the kids surf and reading. On our way home we stopped at an IHOP for dinner. It was all I could do to not order breakfast. I ordered a salad and Max had a grilled chicken plate.

We are saving our calories for Thursday night. We were told about another casino deal. The Valley View Casino has a free, Lobster and Prime Rib buffet if you join their players club. The club is free to join and they give you the free Buffet.  Sooner or later we will exhaust all the casinos with the club promotions.

Enjoy Your Day!



John and Carol said...

I read your post and laughed today at your scrabble game. My secretary used to send me emails rather than just talk to me. My desk was right next to hers.

Great pictures of the surfing dudes.

Dan and Tricia said...

Very cool surfer photos! Sounds like you had a nice day at the beach.