Friday, May 25, 2012

SKP Park Sierra & Scouting Yosemite

We arrived at the SKP park, Park Sierra on Wednesday afternoon. We only had a short 90 mile drive so we arrived pretty early.

Our site is long and narrow with plenty of shade. We were very lucky to get a satellite signal through the trees.


It has a nice concrete patio but unfortunately our front door just misses it. If I would take off the bicycle rack I could have backed in a little further, but it is still nicely graveled. With all the plants and trees it is nice and cozy and separated from the other sites.


The sites here are really shielded from each other. Here is a typical street.


This is a typical Escapee Co-op park. It has a nice clubhouse but no pool, hot tub or pickleball courts. The real downside is that it snows here in the winter. The upside is that it is 40 miles from Yosemite Valley.

In three weeks our grandkids will be flying in to San Francisco to join us for a month. Our plan is to bring them to Yosemite and the Bass Lake area of California. We wanted to also be able to ride the motorcycle around Yosemite. We decided that we needed to do a scouting trip to see what area’s we wanted to take the boys to. Any excuse to ride is a good one!

Yosemite in a day!

We left the rig around 9:00am and headed north on highway 41. We stopped in Oakhurst at the Yosemite information center and got some great tips from the rangers, plus a few maps. There is no way possible to see Yosemite in a week, let alone a day. Below are some of the pictures we took. I think I took around 360 pictures but I will just post a few our favorites. I will be posting more I am sure once the boy’s are with us.

Getting into the pines


Heading to Glacier Point


Half Dome on the left and Nevada and Vernal Falls in the distance



North Dome on the left, then Basket Dome next to it with the Royal Arches below. Half Dome is on the right.


Max standing at the fire pit where there is a small amphitheater built into the hillside


Our lunchtime view


Yosemite Falls looking from Glacier Point at 7,720 foot elevation


Max in front of Half Dome


The tunnel leading to Yosemite Valley


The view right after you leave the tunnel. bridal Veil Falls in the distance


Best view over my motorcycle windshield ever!


Bridal Veil Falls


Max at Lower Yosemite Falls



Another cool tunnel





We had a great day exploring and enjoyed the beauty that Yosemite has to offer. We have a lot more to see and explore and can not wait to explore it with the boy's.

For the Memorial Day weekend we will spend it at the SKP park and maybe check out the town of Coarsegold.

Please travel safe this weekend!!

Enjoy Your Day!


Dan and Tricia said...

Very nice pics! The views from the bike look awesome! Enjoy!

Al and Karen said...

Nice pictures! Love the Amazon tee!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Those grand boys are going to have some fun! Great pictures

Mike and Terri said...

Just beautiful!

Steve and Joan said...

What a great place to ride!