Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ready to Catch The Grandkids

This past week we moved from the Escapee’s Park Sierra Park in Coarsegold Ca. to the Thousand Trails Resort in Morgan Hill just 60 mile south of San Francisco.

Our grandboy’s Blake and Gage will be flying out this next Sunday and we will get to spend a month with them before we send them back to Indiana.

We will be heading back over to the Bass Lake area of California and take the boy’s to Yosemite and other area’s of interest. We scouted out a few area’s a few weeks ago. I think a little gold panning will be in order along with some awesome hikes.

Max and I scouted out how we are going to pick the boys up. The parking at the San Francisco airport is all in garages. Not a problem if you have a car. Our big F450 dually will not fit inside them due to height and width.

Luckily the Bart subway system routes into the airport. I found a station in San Bruno, just north of the airport. It also has garage parking but it is right next to a major mall. We can park the truck in the mall parking lot, walk to the Bart and take it back and forth to get the boy’s.

Since we were up in San Fran we took a nice scenic ride to check out some of the sites.

We rode down Lombard street.



Ate lunch with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island.



There are many things to see in San Francisco but we are waiting for the kids. We decided to follow the coast back down to Santa Cruiz and then back to home. Along the way we found a great park where Hang Gliders did their thing. We stopped and watched for awhile.





It was really cool watching them and I think we will bring the boy’s back here so they can watch them.

We rode on down the coast through Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruiz oohing and awing at every turn. After a nice BBQ dinner back at Morgan Hill we made it home around 7:00pm.

I think we have some fun adventures ahead with the boy’s and are eagerly waiting for them to get here.

Enjoy Your Day!



Dan and Tricia said...

San Francisco is definitely on my ever growing "places to visit" list! Enjoy your time with the grandkids!!

Mike and Terri said...

F-450s do present their challenges sometimes. Good that you figured out how to pick up the boys. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with them.

Tumbleweed Dee said...

What a great place. I worked near SF and we lived in the area for four years. There's so much to do and see. Great pictures!

Steve and Joan said...

I know you're excited about having the grandkids. I know I would be. Have a great time and don't let them wear you out!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

San Fran is one of our favorite cities. Let us know how you like the campground