Monday, July 16, 2012

Heading for Indiana & Fall/Winter Plans


It has been quite around here since the boy’s flew back home. Max and I started getting back to our old routines and we are missing them already. We moved south about 40 miles to Paicines California.

We are at the Thousand Trails San Benito resort. It is a huge resort and we chose to come to this one so we can store the rig while we fly back to Indiana on Tuesday. It is a little far away from the San Francisco airport but the rig should be safely parked…. I hope.

Our flight out is at 7:00am. Since the truck will not fit into any of the parking garages, we are going to take the motorcycle and cargo trailer. We will park at the San Bruno Bart station and ride the Bart into the airport. It was cheaper to park there than at the airport itself.

It will be a two and a half hour ride to get there, plus stopping in Morgan Hill for breakfast will add another hour. We will have to leave San Benito at 1:30 in the morning to make it to the first Bart train at 5:15 am. Uhggg!

Our son Mike will pick us up at Chicago O’Hare airport when we land at 1:00pm then we will have a 3 hour drive back to his house. His wife Cheryl is scheduled for a “C Section” on Wednesday morning. We are getting back just in time!

It will be good to see them all and to see Blake and Gage again. Unfortunately we will miss our other Son David. He is heading to Afghanistan for 6 months on a work project. He will be getting some training at Camp Atterbury in southern Indiana and will deploy on Friday. Sad smile He is suppose to be staying on the airbase so we are not too worried.

We are looking forward to the arrival of baby Ethan, and spending time with Emma. This is the hardest thing about being on the road. Not being around the kids as much.

This past week we did take a ride down to Big Sur to have lunch and to ride highway 1 on the sections we have not been on yet. It was really foggy around Monterey but got clearer as we headed south.042




We had a really nice ride and made it home around 8:00pm. I paid the most for gas EVER just south of Big Sur. I paid $6.69 a gallon, I was so glad I was on the bike and not in the truck.

Last year we worked at Amazon for three months for some extra spending money. We have been thinking about doing something again this fall and winter. We called Amazon about working at Fernly NV. but was a little late. They would put us on a waiting list for openings, plus the only campground with openings was about 30 miles away. With as cold as it is there in December and getting out with the motorcycle we decided to find something else to do.

We looked at working on a Christmas tree lot but even most of those positions have been filled. Another thought was to go up to Montana for the Sugar Beet harvest but again it gets pretty cold up there in October and riding the motorcycle out would be dicey. It is nice having the motorcycle but by not trailering it, it makes traveling in certain parts of the country in the fall and winter not manageable.

We decided to give gate guarding a try. It has some down sides but it is in a warm fall and winter climate. Gate guarding is done in the oil fields of southwest Texas. We would be assigned a gate and we would keep track and log all vehicles and persons coming in. It is a 24/7 position which means one of us would always have to be there.

They will set us up with a generator, water and sewage disposal. Getting groceries will be harder. We plan on a monthly Wal-Mart trip and weekly trips to a local grocery store. It will be an adventure for sure but that is what this lifestyle is about. For now we plan on working from about Sept 1st and at least through January.

The roads getting in and out of the fields are not the best and since we will be on the job 24/7 we do not plan on taking the motorcycle with us. We hope to be able to fit it into Maxine’s mothers garage. Since she lives in Phoenix we can drop it off as we pass through to Texas.

As soon as we get back from Indiana we will head towards Texas and get our paperwork done with the company. I just hope some of that Texas heat will be gone soon. When we decide to leave the job in January, we will then head back and get the motorcycle, visit family and then head towards Oregon and Washington. Subject to change of course!

Now I have to get packin! We got a baby on the way!

Enjoy Your Day!




Laurie and George said...

Will be anxious to hear about your gate guarding gig. We are thinking about doing that as well sometime.

Steve and Joan said...

Yikes! $6.69 for gas!?! It seems to be going down a little here in Oregon. We plan on working at Fernley Amazon. We are 11 and 12 on the list. We have been given another day off. Yeah! That means three days to explore. We hope the weather is good this weekend so we can take the bikes. I can't wait for Christmas when we will go home and see the grandkids and the rest of the family. Have fun at home.

Phil and Rudee said...

you guys will do good at Gate Guarding. We are planning to arrive and start about the time you guys will be leaving. Maybe we can be your replacement. wink, wink. :-)

Phil and Rudee

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Travel Safely. Let us know what you find out about the security gig. We will look forward to seeing you in Texas.