Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Keeping A Low Profile


This last week Max has been “In The Zone” cleaning the inside of the rig. When she is in this “Zone” she becomes unstoppable. I mean, she will start at say 11:00am and not stop until 11:00pm. I know my job when she is in this zone. I stay out of the way but close enough to support her endeavor.

She started by wiping down the ceilings, crown moldings and walls. Then each cabinet was emptied, dusted inside and out and furniture oil applied. Window screens removed cleaned, tracks cleaned and window trim polished and windows washed. End tables, coffee table were emptied dusted and polished. All drawers, pantries emptied dusted and polished. You get the idea. Every square inch has been or will be scrubbed inside and out.

Even during the Chiefs game she was in the “Zone” . The game was in OVERTIME,  but she was engaged in taking out the pantry shelves and cleaning. She definitely needs to work on her football fan skills .


I did step up to help when she got to the bedroom and wanted to take everything out from under the bed. I helped her empty it and I crawled in and vacuumed while she oiled every wood surface there was inside and out. I will have to man up and help her again when she gets to the closet. I guess I will have to finally get rid of those old T-shirts that I hope to fit back into some day. The closet will take most of a day I am sure.

In the mean time while I am staying close to support her, I have been playing with my scrollsaw and trying some compound cutting and making a few Christmas ornaments. None of these are sanded or finished yet but this is what I have come up with.

Nascar Driver Key Chains (compound Cut) 


Christmas ornaments


I have not really done any scollsawing to speak of since we went on the road. It is so hard not having all you supplies, tools etc at your fingertips like I had when I had my woodshop.  But by staying put for three weeks I can get it out and play around a little. I am so out of practice, hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can create a little bit more sawdust. I wonder if I can get Max to get into the “Zone” in the basement when I am done cutting…..

Enjoy Your Day!




Steve and Joan said...

Can I hire Max? We've begun to clean up and clean out in preparation for our leave in two weeks. I like your woodworking. I used to do that way back when. Hope Max is finding relief for her knees. Enjoy the down time!-Joan

Dan and Tricia said...

Go Max Go! :-) Your word-working is beautiful!

Laurie and George said...

You go, Max! We will be doing the same thing come Saturday. Friday night (my last day of work!) we will be going through the closet and I will be purging out some clothes. George...another story. He's got clothes that I know he's never worn in there :)
Very nice woodworking!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

That wood work looks great. If you decide to check out the TX coast, the guys at the Pioneer resort in Port A have a big woodworking shop. They spend the winter in there making stuff.

gypsygirl said...

First off I am with Max when it comes to football. 2nd I have been cleaning from top to bottom as well, staying in one place for 6 months you start to collect but it is all gone now, Mark went on a fishing trip so it was the perfect time to go through stuff. 3rd, the basement is a blue thing (mans work). Pink is inside, blue is outside. The only blue thing I do is washing and sealing the roof, the rest is Marks job.