Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Limbo and Long Term Plans


Max and I are still at the Thousand Trails park in Lakehills Texas (outside San Antonio). We will be here until Nov 2nd, then we will either move back to Columbus or on a Christmas tree lot somewhere around San Antonio or maybe even Houston.

We are kind of in Limbo on whether or nor we get a tree lot. The owners of the Oregon tree farm are working on getting lots leased for the season. Once he gets his locations for this year ironed out he will know if he has a lot for us. Returning lot managers have first choice. That is okay with us, we are just hanging out in the area anyway and if we can get a lot fine, if not that is fine also. The owners called us last night (Monday) and want to meet us for dinner on Wednesday. Hopefully we will know one way or the other. It will make our short term planning easier once we know for sure.

We want to thank Steve and Joan at FOSJ for telling us about CLM. California Land Management. This is the company they worked for up in Oregon this past summer. The CLM hires camp host, maint, and security positions at state forests and campgrounds through out California, Oregon and Washington. They pay, plus give you a site. I remember them recruiting at Quartsite last year.

We have been checking their website for the postings for the 2013 summer season. They have a lot of positions open in California right now, so we applied and have accepted a camp host position at the Serrano Campground at Bear Lake in the San Bernardino State Forest. They will provide a site with 30 amp electric, water and sewer. We will both be paid for 40 hrs a week. That is a lot of hours but we want to make as much as we can if we are going to be sitting in one area. Our Alaska fund needs all it can get. This will be our first camp hosting position and it will begin in March and end in November.

So if anyone is looking for a camp host position that pays and will be in the California, Oregon or Washington area in 2013 check out their website.

This week I finished another Angel for the campground craft sale for Saturday. I still have two more to make and do not think I will get them both done, so I will have to decide on which one to get done first. (Faith or Joy) Here are the two I have done now.

The one from last week


And this weeks


Enjoy Your Day!


Janice L Evans said...

the angels are great!

You are probably getting a lot more done at Lake Medina, since the lots are more secluded. . .and you don't have "the neighbors" coming over to interrupt the process. . .LOL!

We are contemplating taking a "volunteer camp host" position for Nov/Dec. . .trying to work out the particulars today. . .

If not, we may see you back in Columbus. . .


Dan and Tricia said...

It's probably a good thing that we are far away from your craft sale! Otherwise, I'd be a faithful customer. Cool beans on the work-camping gig!

Al and Karen said...

Beautiful Angels! I will have to remember the tip about the CLM page for 2014 when we'll be back west. Isn't it funny, I tipped off Steve and Joan about Chalk Creek, they tip you off, we hear about it from you...the RV-Dreams network in action :-).

Laurie and George said...

I just love your angels :)
We are looking forward to our workcamping gig in CA in January. We actually got another one in Oregon in June of '13..at a fish hatchery :)

gypsygirl said...

Nice job on the angels, it's great to have a way to make some extra cash. Hope you get a tree lot.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Angels are beautiful. Sounds like a good summer job :).