Friday, November 9, 2012

Working Hard


We have been so busy the last week or so that I have not had any time to update the blog. We have gotten our Christmas tree lot assignment and have been going through some training and helping to set up some lots in the San Antonio area.

The lot that we are assigned to is not in San Antonio but in Victoria Texas about 150 miles southwest. The lot that we will be on is not ready for us yet, we are waiting for the power to be installed so we can move our rig into position. The company has put us up in a local campground until our lot is ready. Right now that looks like it will be on Sunday when we can move the rig to the location and then Monday when we can start to set up.

In the meantime we have been helping other lot managers get their tents ready. These are not the typical Christmas tree lots I am used to seeing in Indiana, these lots are in a 60 x 120 foot tent. This will be nice if it rains or heaven forbids snow.

There is a lot to do in setting up the tent. The tents are already set up by a tent company. When we arrive there is a16 foot trailer for each lot location that is full of supplies. We have to run water lines, electrical outlets, over head lights, set up the tent flaps, build the office, set up lighting around the perimeter fence and set up the flocking room. It takes a 12 to 16 hour day with at least six people to get the tent ready. Each location is a little different to set up but once you have a location it is yours for each year you want to come back to do this. I will let you know on Dec 25th!!

The company has about 15 lots in Texas, so all this week we have spent everyday helping other lot managers. Long days and sore muscles and we haven’t even started the season yet. We figure the more help we give in setting up other lots, the easier ours will be when we get to it. I haven’t got any pictures yet but I will when we set up our lot.

Thursday I stayed home fighting the flu bug or bad food, and Maxine went with the crew to help set up in Chorpus Christi. She had a very long day and came back home exhausted.  Friday we have off and that is a good thing. Maxine is starting to come down with something as well and we can use the recoup time. Friday is also her birthday, I think we have to put off her birthday dinner until we are both 100 percent.

Enjoy Your Day!


Mike and Terri said...

Happy birthday Max! Sorry to hear you two are under the weather. Feel better soon!

Will look forward to hearing about your Christmas tree sales adventure.

Laurie and George said...

Sorry you guys are under the weather. I'm sure you'll feel better soon!
Your Christmas tree venture sounds interesting!
We are staying in Cut N Shoot, near Lake Conroe for the week of Thanksgiving and the week after. I think it's about 3 hours away though :(

Steve and Joan said...

Sorry to hear you guys are not feeling well. Hope you're better now. Tell Max Happy Birthday for us.

Amazon is kicking my butt. I'm beat when I get home. Friday is our Monday. Not sure what it will be like when we go to five ten hour days.

Steve said to ask you if you need any help. Maybe we can stop by on our way to Florida if Amazon doesn't work.

Saw snow on our way home today. Dark when we go to work and dark when we get home.

Al and Karen said...

Things are pretty normal here at SDF1. Already had the holiday dinner. Feet are tired but was told I'm "awesome" by my manager last night LOL! It'll be interesting to hear your assessment of whether tree lots are higher or lower on the list of things to do rather than Amazon. I know beets are definitely WAY down on my list now ;-).

Dave & Cris said...

Dave & Max,
We missed the two of you at the meeting in San Antonio on Saturday. Travis and Cindy filled us in on your not feeling well. I hope you guys get well soon.
We too will let everyone know on the 25th or so to the fact if we will return next year. Right now it is looking very good.
Cris and I would also like to thank the two of you for all the great help you gave us on setting up our lot. I wish we were able to come down to help with yours. But I’m sure you will have great hands to assist you.
Tell Maxine Happy Birthday.
Mine happened to be Saturday the 10th.
Good Luck on the Lot. Sell, Sell, Sell
See you guys at the Christmas party after all the sales are done.

Dave & Cris Branstiter
Lot #10 Kerrville, Texas

Carol and Kevin said...

Here at Amazon in Kansas until Christmas, but sure would be nice to be back in Texas! Might need to talk to you about the Christmas tree lot thing for next year!

Janice L Evans said...

Probably no need for too much concern about snow in Victoria. . .rain, yep. . .very likely!

Enjoy. . .we ended up taking a volunteer position with TX State Parks. . .love it!

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