Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas Tree Tent Is Progressing


We have been here on our lot since Sunday and have gotten a lot done in getting the tent prepared. We have gotten all the electrical lines ran and lights up and then “Murphy” decided to show up. Since we have gotten here we have not had any power, and have been using our Honda generator each morning and evening. During the day we are so busy we do not need any power to the rig.

On Tuesday we got a call that the electrician that was to get the power pole set and a power cable installed to the tent, wanted to much money. The Christmas tree company decided to have him run it to a different corner of the tent. This was less electrical line and thus, less money. The down side is that we had to drop all of the electrical lines and lights that we installed inside and out side the tent and rotate the power supply panel to the opposite side of the tent. Plus we will have to eventually re-locate our rig to the other side of the parking lot.

So basically we had to set up the tent twice. Needless to say I was not a happy camper, but we focused and made lemonade out of Murphy’s lemons and got the job done.

Here is our Tent as we were setting it up the first time.



And now with it about 95 percent complete


We will roll up the sides on nice days.


Today,  Murphy was not quite satisfied and is still hanging around. The local power company says that the transformer that supplies the power is not adequate and a larger one needs to be installed before they will run power to the pole that the electrician installed. They are not sure when they can get to it due to the bulk of their team out east helping with the aftermath of Sandy.

We are suppose to get trees delivered soon and we are scheduled to open in one week. Since we have to move the rig across the lot so we can get closer to the power pole, we had to delay the delivery of our septic tank,  and our dumpster. We also will have to re-fence the tent area a little to encompass the new rig location. It is all going to come down to the wire. Sometime between Saturday and Wednesday, we will get around  200 trees delivered and then we will cut, drill and put them on stands. Hopefully not the same day we have to  move the rig, re-fence the area and get our septic set up.  Hopefully this will all be done with power. Maybe Murphy will decide to head for easier pickings. We will not be deterred!

Enjoy Your Day!


Laurie and George said...

Geez, hope all the Murphy stuff is worth it! Bug tent!

Laurie and George said...


Phil and Rudee said...

Wow! Sounds like you guys have been busy! I am enjoying reading about your new adventure so keep us informed, if your not too tired. :-)


Mike and Terri said...

Well one thing's for sure -- after all that doing and re-doing of your tent, you'll be pros at it next year if you decide to do it again. Hope Murphy is done spreading his joy and gives you a break from here on out.

Steve and Joan said...

Well....practice makes perfect! Hope you've practiced enough and things go smoothly from now on. If we don't hear from you, we'll know things are hoppin in Texas!

Janice L Evans said...

dear goodness. . .that is all beginning to sound like work. . .perhaps things will settle down once everything is actually in place. . .good luck!

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Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Hope it all comes together for you.