Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012


This year certainly flew right by us. During 2012 we have had some fantastic experiences. Whale watching off the San Diego coast, riding the motorcycle up and down the coastal highway between San Diego and San Francisco and enjoying the scenery. Having our grandsons sent out to us to spend time in Yosemite and San Francisco and Monterey.

In 2012 we were also blessed with our fourth grandchild, Ethan. Luckily we were able to fly back to Indiana for his arrival. Afterwards we flew back to California to get our rig and headed for Texas. Our plan was to make some cash to save up for a future Alaska trip. We were going to try our hand at gate guarding in the Texas oil fields for awhile. That was a disaster from the beginning and we are hard to scare off, but they succeeded. Story is here.

We ended up the year by selling Christmas trees in Victoria Texas. At the beginning of the year, there was no way you could have convinced me that we would have ended up in Texas. I have many motto’s and one of them is “Never Say Never”. Our Christmas tree experience was very positive. Very hard work, but we worked for an exceptional couple that own Holiday Hills Christmas Trees. They treat all of their employees like family and we highly recommend anyone interested in doing Christmas trees to do it in Texas with them.

The fun part about this lifestyle is that we can plan, adjust, plan again and re-adjust those plans as many times as we want. This year went fast and the older I get the faster they come and go. Our plans for 2013 is to relax a little, work a little and hopefully play a lot regardless of what state we are in.

Max and I wish everyone a very happy new year, and to have safe travels where ever your dreams take you.



Tom and Marci said...

Happy New Year to you and Max, too!

Mike and Terri said...

Happy New Year guys! Hope our paths cross sometime.

Steve and Joan said...

Happy New Year! We are leaving Florida Jan 3rd headed your direction. Maybe we can meet up with you guys.