Friday, January 4, 2013

Cloudy, Dreary and Hitch Itch


This week we have pretty much been glued to the rig. The temps have dropped, it is cloudy and dreary and we are in some desperate need for some sunshine.

We did venture out to buy some groceries so we do not have to do that chore once we get to Apache Junction right away. Getting hitch itch is normal and is part of the RV lifestyle, But I think that this is the worse case I have ever had. I know it is bad, and I know when I have stayed in the same place too long and not gotten out of the rig enough when your highlight of the day is grocery shopping at Walmart!

A few other signs of “Hitch Itch” that I have discovered this week:

Is that I tell time by the sky - dark gray = morning; light gray is afternoon; and very dark gray is evening.

When I look in the mirror in the morning and realize that I have taken on a resemblance to Jack Nicholson in the shining.

I considered reading the article on Kim and Kanye’s baby

Bacon flavored Vodka does sound good

I throw pennies on the ground just to find them with the metal detector

So I scratch the itch by browsing the internet on where we are going. This helps to some degree but it is like poison ivy, the more you scratch the more it itches. I will get over it. Once I hitch up Saturday morning and get 300 miles down the road and closer to sunny Arizona. I think I will be okay, I will be cured once I get my motorcycle back and can put some miles in riding around in the Superstition Mountains.

See you all in Arizona!

Enjoy Your Day!


Mike and Terri said...

That's some serious hitch itch. Too funny!

Laurie and George said...

Good description of the itch :) I'm glad we're working - it helps cure the itch a little bit :)

Phil and Rudee said...

Had breakfast this morning with Steve and Joan (FOSJ). We both just happened to be in the same place at the same time :-). Great folks! We talked about other bikers that are fulltimers and your guy's name came up.
Some day we are all going to have to get together and ride!


Janice L Evans said...

yup. . .you got a good case of it alright!