Friday, March 22, 2013

Daytime Gorgeous, Night Time Not So Much


During the day out here in the desert is pretty nice. It is nice and warm and decent hiking weather. There is usually a good breeze that keeps us nice and cool in the shade. However at about 6 PM every night the wind kicks up and it gets stronger as the night progresses. For the last week we have not been able to sit out at night to watch the night sky. It is just too blasted windy.

I do not know if it is always this way here, or just because its the beginning of spring. Maybe if we were here in January or February it would have been calmer, who knows. I know one thing for sure, we will not come back in March again. We are starting to get grumpy due to lack of sleep.

Last night the wind decided to blow off my motorcycle cover. I took the truck and drove around in the desert for awhile and I could not find it. It is probably still in the atmosphere and heading east. It will probably make Florida by Saturday, so if any of my Florida friends find it I will pay for shipping to send it back! Okay, enough complaining about the wind.

Wednesday Max and I took a tour of the Galleta Meadows Sculptures. 

Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates envisioned the idea of adding free-standing art to his property with original steel welded sculptures created by artist/welder Ricardo Breceda.

The life-size or larger sculptures are of creatures that once roamed the Borrego Valley when it was a lush forest. Mammoths, camels, turtles, wild horses and giant sloths are some of the pieces that have been created.

Avery, of the Avery Label fortune, owns about three square miles of undeveloped property throughout Borrego Springs. He commissioned Breceda in 2008 to create a collection of metal prehistoric creatures. Sadly, Avery passed away last summer but Galleta Meadows is still open for tourists to come and enjoy.

The sculptures are north and south of the town and you just drive up to them on the dirt road. I actually got to use my 4wd. The wide dually tough was a tight squeeze between various shrubs and cactus. Here are a few of the sculptures.



I told Max to look afraid, It looks the other way around to me.


My family Knows how I feel about grasshoppers. I hate the blasted things. It was very unsettling for me to get under it to say the least.







There were many wonderful sculptures and as we were driving around them I spotted this prickly pear cactus in bloom.


There are some more things we want to see here at Borrego Springs, and we have one more week here before we head to the Thousand Trails resort in Desert Palms. We have only been in a campground for 2 nights since Feb 10th. I think we hit this boondocking thing pretty hard this past month and a half. Getting to a full hook up site will be like staying at a 5 star hotel.

Enjoy Your Day!


John and Nan said...

So pleased that you saw the desert art! Tomorrow, we will go out in our part of the area and look for your motorcycle cover. We are sure it is caught on something between you and us.

HDrider said...

Great pictures. We are going to have to make it there some day. Just not in March LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave & Maxine. Beautiful pictures. I wanted to see if I could leave a comment