Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another Tight Spot We got Ourselves Into


Saturday it was only going to get to about 77 degrees. Perfect hiking weather so we decided to head over to hike the slot canyon. It is about 15 miles south of where we are camped and the road to get to it is all sand so we took the truck.

I actually got to use my 4wd in the sand but with a big dually the road was still pretty narrow. I had to really watch the bed sides as I squeezed between cactus and shrubs.


Times like this I really want a Jeep. There are so many roads we did not go on in this park because of the size of the truck and of course the fuel mileage of the truck. I guess we can’t have it all.

The canyon hike is about 2.5 miles if you hike the loop. We chose to do the loop which led us along the rim of the canyon.


Dirt bikers on the road below us. Insert envy here! I miss my dirt bikes.


Then we dropped down a big downhill one way road to the canyon floor.


Entering the canyon and the further we go the narrower it gets.




It was going to be a tight squeeze in spots.


Max makes it look pretty easy. It was a tight fit for this fat guy.


Max hugging the wall


We finally made it out of the narrow spots and climbed back to the top of the canyon.


This was a great little hike and was our first slot canyon. There are several slot canyons out west so I am sure we will find some more tight spots to get ourselves into.

We rewarded ourselves with a stop in Borrego Springs for some ice cream. Then we headed back to the rig to relax. The wind has finally calmed down so we were able to sit out side for a little while before it got too chilly. 

Today we will probably veg out and watch a little Nascar.

Enjoy Your Day!


Sue said...

Paul has Jeep envy when he sees the jeeps that can go off roading.
When you get to Palm Springs, we enjoyed the tram ride up the mountain. We also drove the whole loop up there- nice drive.

Nan Talley said...

That looks like a fun hike! And an ice cream treat at the end? Could not be better.