Thursday, April 4, 2013

Palm Springs TT Resort


Monday morning we woke up in the parking lot of the Fantasy Springs Casino. It was really windy (shock) and the sand was blowing very hard. We wanted to go ahead and get our grocery shopping done before we moved the rig over to the campground. Taking the motorcycle was not fun with the sand blowing every direction.

We made it the 10 miles to the Walmart and got our supplies. By the time we got out the wind and sand had calmed down and we were finally ready to move over to the TT Palm Springs Resort.


We have been boondocking since February 10th. Having 50 amps with full hookups is heaven. Showers are nice and long and I do not have to worry about re-cooping our amp hours on our batteries everyday.

It is a very tight fit into our spot, but with Max’s guidance, I got the rig backed in fairly quickly. It has been so long since we had to set up all the utilities we were really out of sync getting everything set up. Once we were in we sent the dish up and unpacked all the groceries we had bought.

Our spot for the next 2 weeks



We were sitting outside in the evening when a car stopped and it was a couple we had met last year at Lake Wilderness, then we saw them at Rancho Oso and then again in Morgan Hill. Clint and Carol are avid pickle ball players and travel in a 45 foot Essex motorhome. They were leaving the next morning but we got to spend the evening with them catching up on their adventures. It was great to see them again.

We also got an e-mail from Rick and Teresa, whom we met 2 years ago at an RV-Dreams rally in Tennessee. They are currently in the park and will be here for another week.

Rick and Teresa are from Oklahoma City and have a brand spanking new 38 ft Elite Suites 5th wheel. It is an absolutely gorgeous 5th wheel. They also pull it with a Volvo HD truck that has all kinds of bells and whistles. Their Can-Am Spyder rides in the back of the cab.  They will be returning to OKC to get their house on the market.

We are planning a ride up to Big Bear Lake on Sunday so we can check out the route before we take our rig. Rick and Teresa are planning on riding with us. It should make for a great ride, and hopefully the snow will be mostly gone.

Pickle ball is big here, so I have been able to play each morning. It has been a year since I played last. I have learned that I am still out of shape and that old people kick my @$$.

Enjoy Your Day!

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