Thursday, August 22, 2013

We See The Light


The campground is still full, and on Friday’s and Sunday’s we will have an average turnover of 85 sites. A couple more weeks and we will get past the Labor Day weekend and it is suppose to slow down then. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however it is very dim still.

We have had some really big family reunions being held all at the same time. Family’s will reserve 8 to 10 sites and will fill them well over the 8 people per site rule. We do not say much unless they are too noisy at night and disturb other campers. Then we can use that rule as leverage if needed to comply with quiet hours.

Large groups can be fun and a pain in the rear end at the same time. Our biggest issue is that they come at different times and will try to park more vehicle than what is allowed at the site. We constantly have to get people to move their vehicles and to back in the ones that are allowed. It is very dry here and we are very strict about vehicles not parked on the asphalt. Some knuckleheads will drive their vehicles off into the brush and park, not realizing that the hot exhaust will start a fire.

We make them aware of the fire danger and most will give us that deer in the headlight look and say Oh Ya! I didn’t think of that, and will move it immediately. The ones that act like we are just bothering them and do not want to move the vehicle, I let know that it is a $500 fine to park off road in an undesignated area and they have 10 minutes to move it before I call the fire marshal. So far they have complied right away. Not sure what I will do if someone calls my bluff. I am sure it is a fine but not sure I could get the fire marshal here.

We had a really nice visit this week from our friends Kent and Martha Fites. They are from our hometown in Huntington Indiana, and they are returning from their Alaska adventure. Instead of heading back to Indiana once they re-entered in Washington, they drove all the way down to Big Bear to see us. We were able to get their truck camper set up at our site, it was a tight fit but we got them in.


Kent and Martha relaxing by the fire and telling us about their Alaska trip. They have had a blast driving up to Alaska and even had one of their daughters fly up there to join them for three weeks


Since they were here on our day’s off we were able to take them out Jeeping and a little geocaching as well.

Kent and Martha at one of the beautiful views along our favorite Jeep trail


Kent and I scrambling up some big rocks looking for a geocache. I was looking more for the rattlesnakes than the cache.


Luckily we found the cache first!


Sadly they needed to get back on the road. After three months they are eager to get back home to their family. Thanks Kent and Martha for coming all the way to Southern Cal to visit us. We will see you in December when we fly back home for the holidays.4252

Speaking of flying back home, we found out from our youngest son that Allegiant Air is starting a non-stop flight schedule from Phoenix/Mesa to Fort Wayne Indiana in October. They have a special fare going on for three days to book flights for this to be used between October and April. Perfect! We were able to book round trip flights for about $400. That is a real good bargain because very few carriers will fly direct into Ft. Wayne. Our boy’s live just a few miles from the airport and our youngest son is one of the Air Traffic Controllers at the airport, so if we time it right, he can pick us up easily. So our plan is to go visit Max’s mother and sister a few days in Phoenix and then fly home for the holidays.

That is about it for now, we are starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel, and are waiting to get the Labor Day weekend over with. We know it will calm down considerably then and can start enjoying the campground more.

Enjoy Your Day!


Mike and Terri said...

Don't you just love friends that will go the extra mile to see you? That's true friendship -- very sweet!

Labor Day weekend is almost here. Hang on!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

The end is near! Glad you got some time to spend with friends.

Kent and Martha Fites said...

Short visit but we really enjoyed & looking forward to December

Nan Talley said...

Found you, once again! Gee, whiz...Blogger keeps hiding you form us. That round trip fare sounds great. Wish we had some place to stay in Indy.