Thursday, September 5, 2013

Last Holliday Weekend


Labor Day weekend is finally over. For the most part it was a pretty good group we had, and we did not have to settle down too many partiers. We did have to call the sheriff to help escort some people off the property. It seems they just decided to carry their tent and camping equipment through the side boundary of the park and bypass the front gate. They did not have a site and just set up behind another group hoping that they wouldn’t be noticed.

When approached they got all up into our managers face and said that they had a right to be here, that it is “Gods” mountain and that we had no right to make them leave. Lets just say that the sheriff saw things differently.

The campground will still be full on the weekends and about 3/4 full during the week. Sundays now will be our busiest days as the weekenders are leaving. We figure about three more weeks and it will taper off drastically.

We are not sure when we will be released, we are thinking about mid to late October. When we are released we wanted to maybe find a place on the beach for a few days. I am concerned about being able to get into some of the campsites so we may just end up heading to Palm Desert and spend time in the pool and just be a camper for awhile.

This week on our days off we took a little Jeep trip and then headed down the mountain to the casino for the seafood buffet. Here are a few pictures from our day.


Rain clouds moving in



Pouring down rain in the distance


We stopped and put the hardtop panels back on just in time. We had a very hard downpour. By the time we got off of the dirt roads the sun started to come out as we headed west down the mountain. When started down to Highland it was 57 degrees at Big Bear, when we got to Highland it was 102 degrees.

We stopped at Walmart and did a little shopping then headed to the casino for dinner. Having crabs and lobster on the buffet makes it worth it to drive the hour down the twisty steep road.

That is about it for now, the week has been nice and slow and we are starting to fill up for the weekend and will be really busy again.

Yep, we are ready to just be campers again!

Enjoy Your Day!


Al and Karen said...

We were busy Labor Day as well, but a much calmer crowd than July 4. Following your adventures this summer as well as talking with folks we worked with, I'm trying to decide which is more difficult, private campgrounds or Forest tell the truth, so far it seems like Forest Service has much more difficult people to deal with. I wonder why?

Mike and Terri said...

Did I hear seafood buffet? With lobster??? I'm there!!!

Hope your last few weeks are smooth sailing.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Enjoy your time as campers again- much deserved time off!

Nan Talley said...

OK, we have missed something (thanks Blogger)...a Jeep? When did you get that? Lucky you! We are still "thinking" about one.