Friday, October 18, 2013

Off The Mountain, Warmth & Learning To Chill


Our travel day down the Mountain went without a hitch. We got started around 11:am and made it down to Mentone and stopped for lunch at a “Mickey D’s”. Not the best choice for healthy foods I know, but we both did order a salad. Oh and a couple cookies……

This was our first move without the motorcycle, and I must admit that it did not look right,  not seeing Max’s red helmet leading the way. I will get used to it but it was easier to lose her in the traffic. We made it to the Thousand Trails Wilderness Lakes Preserve around 2:30pm. We have been here several times before and there are usually plenty of sites to choose from. They are working on upgrading the electrical by adding 50 amp to all the pedestals, so some of the sites are blocked off. We were able to find one about midway back that would give us a good satellite signal and quickly got set up.

This is an older TT park and it is nice to see them upgrading and improving the park. The downside of this park is that it is right next door to a pretty big Dairy Farm operation. Prevailing winds will remind us of this often. With the farm next door, black flies are a real problem here. This is why we do not spend too much time here but it was close and since we do not have to pay nightly fees, I can put up with the smell and the flies, for a while.

Wilderness Lakes

Menifee, friends, Wilderness Lake 006

The campground has several small lakes mixed in and around the camping loops. There is catfish in them and you can get a permit to fish for a small fee.

Since we got here we have gotten caught up with the laundry, groceries etc. and have really been enjoying the 85 degree days. After working for the last 6 months it is hard to just sit and read or watch tv. We are going to have to learn how to chill again and just relax.  I am sure we will get back in the groove quickly. 

We will stay here until next Thursday, then we plan on heading south just a little to Aguanga Ca where there is an Escapees park that we just love. We will spend a week there and then head up to Palm Desert and play in that area for awhile.

Yesterday we went and looked at Diamond Valley Lake, which is about 5 miles to our east. It is a reservoir that was built around 2001 to supply emergency drinking water for southern California. What is interesting about it was how it was built and the team work with Archeologist that discovered Mammoths and Saber Tooth cats and other artifacts in the valley. They have a visitor center and the Western Science Museum that you can tour. The lake allows fishing and sailing but no body contact with the water. In other words, no swimming, skiing, or jet skis are allowed. I have never seen a reservoir with such restrictions.

It is a beautiful lake though!

Diamond Valley Lake, CA

The lawn chair recliner is calling my name, time to go practice my Chilin….

Enjoy Your Day!!


Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Glad you got down the mountain without incident. That lake looks like a beautiful place to relax and enjoy.

Mike and Terri said...

You deserve some chillin! Enjoy!

Tom and Marci said...

Hey Dave/Max, where are you wintering this season...we are 1st time hosting near Phoenix,Az at a County park this winter. Should be interesting. Hope to cross paths soon.