Sunday, October 27, 2013

Short Move to Aguanga California


Last Thursday we made a short 40 mile hop over to Aguanga to spend a week at the Escapees Co-op park Jojoba Hills. This is a very nice park that has so many activities that if you get bored or can not find anything to do, it is your own fault.

The Pool and Club House

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View From The Pool


One of the awesome views


This is our second time here and we fell in love with this place the last time we were here. Last time we were here I was not old enough to become a member, now I am. There happens to be a few lots available and one in particular that we really liked. It is an expensive buy in but oh so worth it for all the amenities that this park has.

Max and I spent all of Thursday night and Friday considering buying into the park. We just kept coming back to the same result. It is just too soon. If we buy into it now we would feel like we would need to be here a lot. Which is fine but the whole reason we went full time was to be able to see the country. With three years on the road we have really just scratched the surface of the places we want to see.

Fuel costs have slowed us down some and having to stop to work a couple of summers to replenish the savings after buying the Jeep has prolonged our stay here in the south west. Eventually we will get back to moving again. We will want to have a park like this to come to after we sow our oats a little chasing the next horizon. We don’t want to get locked down to an area just yet. In the meantime we will just come and visit it when we can.

We decided to boondock it this visit and exercise or solar system for a week. By staying in the boondocking area it is only $5 a night versus a good rate of $25.00 a night plus electricity. We will use the savings for some other adventure. We do have some friends here that we met back at the RV-Dreams rally in Tn two years ago. Phil and Deborah Gardner. They also have a Mobile Suites, and like us fell in love with the park on their first visit. They stayed in the boondocking area and then found out a lot was available and decided to buy in. They have done a tremendous job landscaping the lot. It was great to see them again and Phil is giving me quite the Pickle Ball education. He is a very good player.

Here is our boondocking site. Nothing fancy but plenty of room


Yesterday Max and I took a trip over the mountain range to Anza Borrego State Park. We stopped for lunch at a great Mexican restaurant in Borrego Springs, then headed out to do a little Canyon Carving Jeep style.

We had to drive 12 miles up a wash to the trail that goes through Sandstone canyon.

Fish Creek Wash


Along the way the views were really nice.


Eventually we made it to the Sandstone Canyon turn off.


It is only about a mile and a half up to the end but it was a blast driving through it.




A very tight squeeze


Glad we are not claustrophobic!!


We had a really fun trip and got the Jeep good and dusty. We made it home right at dinner time. Max went to the club house to play one of her favorite card games ( Hand & Foot). After driving all day I elected to stay back at the rig and relax.

Today after playing some Pickle Ball I relaxed and watched some football. Max headed to the clubhouse to work on a jigsaw puzzle. Later this week she will be doing some beading with some of the ladies and I will be trying to get my Pickle Ball game a little better before we head to Palm Springs on Wednesday.

Enjoy Your Day!


Laurie and George said...

Haven't been to that park yet, but it's on our list. That canyon looked a bit tight! Be scary to be there in a flash flood!

Steve and Joan said...

Hand and foot is my favorite card game! We'll have to play next time we get together.

We had a great first day of work on our own. Really nice to do what we like and get to use someone elses vehicle and fuel!

Enjoy your down time!

Tom and Marci said...

Your Jeep trip looks like a lot of fun! The boys would love it!

Sue said...

I just tried Pickle Ball for the first time. Fun!
We are headed to Borrego Springs, and possibly Palm Springs. I'll let you know if we get there!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Tell Phil and Deborah hello. That looks like a great jeep ride!

Nan Talley said...

We enjoyed Sandstone Canyon last year and are looking forward to being there again in a few weeks. This Indiana weather is NASTY!