Monday, November 25, 2013

Busy Week, But Fun.


We have been so busy here at Jojoba Hills that I have a hard time trying to update the blog. I always update the blog in the mornings with a cup or two of coffee. Since being here, my morning routine has changed. I usually have about an hour to get my java fix, read the news and then just when I am ready to update the blog, it is time to go play pickleball.

Here is a picture of our Pickle Ball courts


We play everyday for about two hours. It is very addicting and is a pretty good workout.  After pickle ball,  I have been heading over to the wood shop working on some projects. The shop has all the tools you need to make anything. There is even a full metal shop next door. Yea, some serious puttering goes on in here.


Max has gotten involved with the evening card games and plays Hand and Foot every chance she gets. She is also getting a reputation as the puzzle queen. She will spend hours at the club house putting them together. She is also involved with an exercise class that meets every other day.

This park is kept up by volunteer's, so every once in a while we stop playing and will help out where we can. After hard day’s of working in the sun we relax at the spa.



Our lot is on a corner and it has a 8x30 pad with an overhead awning and a shed. Our door side faces west so from our patio we have this view.


This lot is rectangular and the rig sits length wise which gives our patio plenty of privacy.



We need to do some minor landscaping and add some more rock to the entire lot, but we will wait until next winter to tackle that.

Here are a few pics from within the park

We have an air gun range


And a pretty neat pond with an island.


looking down our side street


We are getting ready to leave Wednesday morning to head to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with Max’s mom and sister. We will visit a week and then fly out of Mesa to Fort Wayne. We are looking forward to seeing the family and getting some much needed grandkid time.

Max and I want to wish every one a Happy Thanksgiving and please travel safe.

Enjoy Your Day! 


Steve and Joan said...

Your new digs look like lots of fun! Love the workshop. I know how much you must be looking forward to seeing the family. Steve and I are counting down the days till we head south. Looking forward to seeing the newest grandbaby. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Laurie and George said...

Looks like you scored with that lot. We haven't been to that Escapees park, but it seems to be the place to be!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Looks like you are enjoying your new home base!