Monday, November 11, 2013

Week at Palm Desert and Changing Minds


We left the Escapee park in Aguanga and drove over to the Palm Desert Thousand Trails resort. Our plan was to stay there until the 19th of November, then head to Menifee  and prepare to put the rig in storage for our flight back to Indiana.

A funny thing happened while we were in Palm Desert.  Every day we were trying to convince ourselves that we were doing the right thing by not buying into the Escapees park in Aguanga. But the more we were discussing it, the more we ended up with reasons why we should buy in.

I won’t bore everyone with our thought process, but our overall objective was to make sure we had a place to go to if the economy takes a big downturn and if something would ever to happen to me, Max would have a place to go. Having a home base solves some of those concerns, plus the cost to buy in, in all probability will also go up and possibly getting out of reach of our budget. So after several late nights talking over our future work camping and  travel plans we decided to go ahead and become members at Jojoba Hills.

You can check out the park and take a video tour at

So we got up last Monday morning and took a Jeep trip along the Pines to Canyon highway and made it back to Aguanga to start the paperwork. There were four lots to choose from, so Max and I drove around to look at each one. As we were out looking at one site, a member came up to us and asked us if we were becoming members. We said yes,  and he told us about a lot on a corner that the current member would release due to health issues. We went to take a look at it. It needed a little work on a retaining wall, but the patio had pavers, a gazebo and the shed was finished inside. The 8x30 pad beside the rig had a nice big metal sun shade and faced the western mountains. We decided on this one. So after the paper work was done we headed back to Palm Desert and relaxed for the rest of the week. 

This past Friday, we packed up to head back south to Jojoba Hills. We are not parked on our lot yet as we are waiting for final inspections to be done. We should be able to move over by Wednesday or Thursday. We will stay here until after the first of the year although we will be flying back to Indiana for Christmas and New Years with the kids.

In Mid January we plan on heading over to Quartzsite and then around Feb 1st,  possibly head up to the Lake Mead area. We will come back to Jojoba in March and then start to get ready for our work camping assignment up at Big Bear in April.

Maxine’s Birthday was on Saturday but we celebrated it on Thursday at the Morongo casino. It was Seafood Thursday and they have added lobster to the buffet. All you can eat crab and lobster for $19.95, I am just glad we are a little further away from it now. It could become a bad habit.

This week we will get moved to our lot and relax and enjoy the amenities. Sunday will be a big night for me, because my Chiefs will play Denver and it will be on national TV so I will get to watch it. I love my Chiefs but I am afraid Denver just has too much offense that we can’t match. Hopefully the defense can slow Manning down enough to keep it a close game.

That’s all for now, time to go play some “Pickle Ball”

Enjoy Your Day!


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Congrats on your new home:)

Good Idea at the Time said...

Deb and I are super excited to have you as our new neighbors. While you are traveling over the holidays we can keep an eye on your rig. We are definitely here to help. Your site is really nice and the awning will come in handy during the hot summers and the occasional rain storms we get. Great choice. See you at pickleball, Phil

Steve and Joan said...

Congrats! Plans can sure change. We hope to see you here at Lk Mead. So many places to see outside of Las Vegas. Less than a month before we head home for Christmas!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Congratulations. A home base does give you a better sense of security.

Phil and Rudee said...

sounds like a logical next step, congrats! Now we need some photos! LOL

Mike & Christine Shields said...

Definitely can relate with your travel plan changes. We are putting our full-time travels on hold for the time being. Mike's mom has some significant health problems. We're moving in with her to care for her. The RV will go on an annual site at TTN Tawakoni. We'll miss FT travel but with look forward to time with my M-I-L, our kids, grandkids, family, & friends in the area.