Sunday, December 29, 2013

Enjoying The Family Time


We hope everyone had a great Christmas. We sure did watching the grandkids opening gifts and enjoying family time. We spent Christmas Eve morning at David and Beth’s and watched the grandboy’s Blake and Gage open their gifts. Then Christmas morning we were at Mike and Cheryl’s and watched Emma and Ethan open theirs. All the grandkids had a great time and grandma and grandpa did too!

Christmas day we drove up to Granger Indiana to have dinner at Beth’s fathers house and spend time with her family. We had a great time and the food was really good. We spent the night there and after a good healthy breakfast we headed back to Mike and Cheryl’s to pack up our things. We are moving over to Dave and Beth’s house to spend the next three weeks with them and the boy’s. It is nice to have both of our sons living close to each other. We can wear out our welcome at one house than go invade the other. Winking smile


The last couple of weeks I have been helping Mike trim in his basement. We got all of the windows, doors, baseboards and crown molding up, and the most important part, we got the bathroom toilet and sink/vanity installed. We still have to work on the stairs and banister railings. He is putting in quite the home theater system with a projection Tv and theater seating. It is going to look really nice.

Theater room. All the speakers will be built in, and the screen will be in the middle.


The finished bathroom


Yea, we have been busy.

We have also been visiting friends that we have not seen for along time so, we have been meeting at some of our favorite restaurants. Needles to say I will need some serious dieting when we get back to our rig.

This week we are going to take Blake and Gage shopping, so they can spend some of their Christmas money and we plan on playing some laser tag. Last time we were here we played and the boy’s ganged up on us and tagged us way more then we did them. This time I have a few tricks up my sleeve to even it up some. I hope Smile

We will be flying back to Phoenix on the 15th of Jan and we are ready to get back to the warmer weather. I have already used the snow blower a few times and more snow is predicted for later this week. Yuck!

Everyone have a Happy Ney Year, I doubt I have time to post until we get back to California.

Enjoy your Holidays!




Laurel Owen said...

Definitely having some nice family time! Our budget for dining out is taking a hit too, not to mention the waistline :-)
I'll look for you in from Orlando to Monterey, with a layover in Phoenix on the 15th :-)

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Happy new Year- that is going to be a great room to watch football in :)

Tom and Marci said...

Happy New Year! It's great that you are able to enjoy this time with the kids and grandkids . . . and then go back to the warm weather for the rest of the winter!!