Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Deep Freeze


Since Christmas we have been staying with our older son David and his wife Beth house visiting them and the grand boy's Blake and Gage.

The first week we spent a couple day’s taking the boy’s out shopping for after Christmas deals and playing some laser tag. For some reason the boy’s have a lot of fun shooting grandma and grandpa. We showed them though that old age and experience can overcome youth and skill. Grandma and me kicked their little butts! They soon got revenge by playing call of duty on the play station.

The weather then took a turn for the worse. The temp has dropped to –15 to –20 with the wind chill around –40 . Then the snow came and we ended up with about 15 inches of snow with heavy drifts. We had to go over to David’s old house that is for sale and clean off the driveway for a showing.

I thought I would never shovel snow again. Never say never! He has a snow blower but there wasn’t any way to get it over to the old house, so we just did it the old fashion way. Good thing we did too because the people that came to see it wrote up an offer that evening. So now he has the house under contract. That takes a big load off the kids to start the new year!


Meanwhile back at his new house the snow was pretty.



We have had a snow emergency since last Sunday and can not leave the house. We lived here for over 25 years and this is the most snow we have seen. Now it is Wednesday and we can leave the house but the roads are extremely dangerous with ice. We will just stay hunkered down for awhile more. The boy’s are glad for the extended vacation from school for sure.

This week we have Blake’s 11th birthday, visiting some more friends and family before we leave next Wednesday. We will hate leaving the kids but won’t miss the cold and snow at all.

Max and I are re-evaluating our Quartzsite trip and may change our minds about going there. We have been away from our rig for 6 weeks and we would have to pack up and leave the day after we get back to Aguanga. I think we want a little bit of down time after all the traveling.

We are thinking about relaxing for a week, then head up towards Barstow California and do some boon docking in the Rainbow Basin Recreation area. After that we will head up towards Lake Meade and check that area out for awhile and visit some friends that are in that area. It is hard to believe that we only have a few more months before we have to report back up at Big Bear lake for our summer work gig. Time does not stand still.

That is it for now.

Enjoy Your Day!


Laurel Owen said...

I'm amazed at the amount of snow that some parts of the US got. So glad we're in Florida right now. Safe travels, and rest up!

Phil and Rudee said...

we left Indiana just in time! Got out last Friday before the big snow but it was still -7 degrees that morning, brrrrr. Florida feels much better. :-) Have a safe trip back to the rig.

Rayn Hetterscheidt said...

Hi there--I came across your blog while researching campground jobs. We've been hired on at Serrano, too, so I wanted to say hi!

Rayn and Jonathan