Friday, January 31, 2014

Enjoying The Resort, Boondocking Prep


Since we got back to our home base two weeks ago the time has really gone by fast. The resort has had a lot going on both on the fun side and on the business side. This is a Co-op resort so volunteerism is essential to the operation and upkeep of the park.

We are still in learning mode and are trying to figure out where we can put our talents to best use. Our dilemma for this year is that we are going to be in and out of the park too much to add much value to any of the committee’s. We decided to just learn as much as we can on how the park operates and help out where and when we can for this year. Next winter we will be in the park all winter long and can get better involved in the various committee’s.

The park just got some water volleyball equipment and there seems to be some pretty good interest in playing. It is surprisingly a pretty good work out, especially at the net where the pool is a little bit deeper.


I also spent some time at the air rifle range and was able to shoot various air rifles. These air rifles have come along way since my old Daisy BB gun. These things could take down a coyote!



When we got back from Indiana the first thing I did was start the truck up since it was sitting for six weeks. It started fine but the check engine light came on and stayed on. I made arrangements with the Ford dealer to look at it and wouldn’t you know it, the light went off on the way to the dealer. It stored the code in the history and the tech could see that it was a sensor that malfunctioned but it was working properly when he had it hooked up. He kept it for an extra day to see if he could get it to fail. He eventually did and was able to get Ford to cover it under it’s emission warranty, yea!

The bad news was that during his routine inspections he checked the battery cranking amps on both of the battery’s. They are suppose to be at 750 cranking amps, one was at 450 and the other at 150. They are four years old now so I decided that it would be a good time to change them before the truck won’t start, especially since we are getting ready to do some boondocking.

Now with the truck in good shape, I started getting the trailer ready to travel again by checking air pressures. I wanted to lube the suspension but my grease gun was giving me some problems. For some reason I could not get it to prime. It is a cheap gun so it will have to wait until I can get a better one.

We will be heading out on Sunday, and will be heading to the Rainbow Basin Natural Area just north of Barstow California. We will be staying at the Owl Canyon campground. This campground does not have any hookups or water so we will have to come prepared and will be using our solar.

We heard of this campground from Howard and Linda at It looks like a seldom used campground with plenty of hiking. It is also along our way to Lake Meade. We will be staying here until Friday then head on up to the Lake Meade area. Here is a picture of the campground from Howard and Linda. Can’t beat it for $6.00 a night!


Hopefully on Sunday we can leave early enough so we can get there and get set up before the Superbowl game. I don’t want the Bronco’s to win or the Seahawks to win… just Peyton!

Enjoy Your Day!

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