Monday, January 20, 2014

Back at Home Base


Our last few days in Indiana Max and I held a Netflixathon. David and Beth got us hooked on a couple of TV series, Breaking Bad and Scandal. They have unlimited internet so we could stream all we wanted. The grandkids finally made it back to school after all the snow so we just vegged out in front of the TV getting as much in as we could.

Tuesday night Mike and Cheryl came over with Emma and Ethan and we all had a little Pizza party since it was our last night there. We were able to get the grandkids to hold still somewhat long enough for a quick picture.


This is the hardest part of full timing, leaving the family. But after six weeks we were ready to get back to our own bed and routines.

Max and I flew out of Indiana last Wednesday and landed at the Phoenix/Mesa airport around 6:00pm. Max’s sister Betty and her husband Randy picked us up and we headed off for a great Mexican dinner at our favorite place, Aljo Al’s.

We spent the night at Betty and Randy’s then when they went to work we headed out to the IHOP for breakfast and to do a little shopping before heading over to Max’s mothers house and visiting her.

We got a e-mail last week from a couple we met while camp hosting at Big Bear. They live in the Chandler/Mesa area and wanted to know if we wanted to meet for dinner. Of course we would, so we met Jeff and Robin at a restaurant called the Claim Jumper. We visited over dinner for a couple hours and talked about full timing. They will be retiring soon and are at the fun stage of looking at rigs and seeing what fits their needs best. After a couple hours we gave our hugs goodbye and we will be seeing them this summer when the come back up to Big Bear.

Friday morning we started our drive back to our home base in Aguanga with a short stop in Quartzsite so Max could go to the bead store. Since the RV show was going on this week the crowd is at it’s peak. Luckily we just stopped at the bead store and got out of town. Seeing the crowd I am glad of our decision to skip Quartzsite. Been there done that.

We made it home around 3:00pm and opened the rig up and turned on the fridge with plans to go to the store for groceries on Saturday after the fridge cools down. We decided to go to Temecula for dinner so we took the truck so we could fill it up with diesel for our trip to Lake Meade in a couple of weeks.  The truck started fine but the check engine light came on, Uh Oh!  I called the Temecula Ford dealership and got an appointment for Monday to have it looked at. Sure don’t want to get off boondocking in the desert with an engine issue. Hopefully it is something minor.

The weather is just hitting 80 degrees during the day and we are getting back into the swing of things. It if funny that after six weeks that I can not remember where I keep things in the rig, sheesh! Luckily I remember where the wine is located so I will make due.

This is how I felt when we got back to the warmth of the desert


Enjoy Your Day!



Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

After reading this, I feel like I am wasting my money on Netflix. We hardly use it except to amuse the grand kids. I better look into some of these shows:)

Laurel Owen said...

Haha, your live traffic feed says I'm in Oregon, not so! In the Monterey bay area :-) Anyway, I bet you are glad to be home to shorts & flipflops!