Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting The Adventurer Road Ready


The last two weeks, Max and I have been super busy getting the motorhome cleaned inside and figuring out what we would buy and what we would transfer from the fifth wheel to get it road ready. We spent many hours in town buying blankets, towels, sheets, and all kinds of things to make the motorhome livable. I am sure that once we have actually slept in it for a week or so we will find more things to add to it.

Max cleaned every square inch and would have made our Goldwinging friend, Lee Custer proud by using a tooth brush in the hard to reach areas.



While Max was cleaning the inside, I was busy installing a reverse osmosis system. We had ordered it from Sears and it was a pretty straight forward installation. We have another one ordered for the fifth wheel that I will install when we get back from Big Bear this fall.


What I liked about this unit is that the box that houses the cartridges can be installed on its end or on its side. Plus the cartridges will just twist in and out making changes very easy. In the motorhome, running the water lines was a cinch. The fifth wheel will take a little more finesse and patience and maybe a few choice words.

We took the Jeep in to Giant RV in Murrieta to have the baseplate installed so we can flat tow the Jeep. We did some more shopping in town and then headed back to get the motorhome so we could take it in to pick up the Jeep. This way, they could show us how to hook it up plus make sure all the lights worked etc. We bought a Blue Ox tow bar and a black protective shield to protect the front of the Jeep. It is a straight forward process hitching it up. It towed great coming back to Jojoba Hills.

I want to add one more thing to the motorhome to hopefully help some drivability concerns. It seems I am always fighting the steering or “wandering” too much trying to keep it in my lane. I have read a lot about this issue and by adding a Trac Bar to the front it should help this condition. Maybe even a new bell crank with tighter tolerances would help as well. I will probably order a Trac Bar while we are at Big Bear this summer. Installation is pretty easy with no drilling required. (Famous Last Words!)

Another issue we took care of was a broken cabinet door in the bedroom. The previous owner mounted a flat screen on a cabinet door and it must have been to heavy and broke the cabinet. I knew I could make a new door when we bought the motorhome  since we have the wood shop here at Jojoba. Max and I spent a couple of evenings making a new door. Even in the wood shop I make the mess and Max cleans it up! What a wife!!!

photo (1)

Time is flying by fast and we will be headed to Big Bear next Thursday. It is still cold up there so we are not looking forward to that. Hopefully we will acclimate to the altitude fairly quickly. It will be nice to start having campfires again.

Enjoy Your Day!


Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

If I can make a suggestion, we put a Steer Safe (manufactured in Deming, New Mexico) on our Suncruiser. I believe your adventurer has the same chassis. It helped a great deal with the wandering.
We ordered it and had it shipped to us with no issues.
We had it installed but you can probably do it yourself.

We also ran with a little less air in the tires to cut down on bouncing.

Laurel Owen said...

Sounds like you are ready to go. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not be too much like winter instead of spring!