Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Big Bear Part Two


My how fast the winter has passed, and our winter sabbatical has ended. . We had a great winter, being able to travel back to Indiana for the holidays and spend some time with the family and friends. Spending time in Phoenix with Max’s mom and sister and her husband, and a really great month boondocking around Lake Meade. We were able to visit friends we have met on the road and some from our former employers. We have been getting to know our fellow Jojobians at out RV park where we have left our fifth wheel.  

Now it is springtime, which means one thing. Camping Season. This means that our vacation is over, caput! Our work camping job for 2014 has arrived. Time to pay the piper for all the spending this last winter. Lucky for us we have a great work camping job waiting for us. This year we will be staying at the same campground as last year (Serrano) in Big Bear California.

Our job assignment is different this year, as we will be doing camp hosting, maintenance, and what ever else needs doing at all of the CLM managed campgrounds on the mountain. The boss calls us a “Swing Couple”… I think I will have to come up with a different job title!

The rest of this month we will be busy getting several campgrounds ready to open. Getting the water turned on and the restrooms put back together. Serrano campground is already busy with all the spring breaks happening.

We are in the same campsite as last year. Getting here was our maiden voyage with the motorhome. Here is a pic with the Jeep hooked up ready to go.


Traveling up to Big Bear was around 125 miles. The last 60 going up the mountain. The motorhome is a lot different driving it, versus pulling the fifth wheel. I did not have that pushing from the fifth wheel and the motorhome did a great job pulling the Jeep behind it.  I still want to investigate putting on a Steer Safe steering stabilizer to see if it will help improve the handling a little.

Here is our spot for the summer


Our original start date was April 13th, but with how busy the campground is, they started us right away.

Here is Max, back in her “Office”


Monday and Tuesday of this week we had to travel up to the Lake Isabel area, to pick up some company trucks. It was an easy two days work and the big boss buys us breakfast and lunch. It is a pretty boring drive through the desert but again, an easy two days.

We have Wednesday’s and Thursday’s  off for now, but that will change as the camp hosts come into the park around May 12th. It should be a fun season, but a physical one.

Enjoy Your Day!



Anonymous said...

Hi Dave and Maxine. We, Vicki and Harry, have been following you guys since we camped next to you last year at the RV Dreams Boondocking Rally in AZ. Sounds like things are going well for you. Next spring we hope to hit the road and I am interested in your jobs with CLM. Can I impose on you folks to email me at so I can ask some questions? Thanks, Harry

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

That is my kind of office!

Laurel Owen said...

Going to be another great season for you guys! Swing couple, hmmm :-)

Steve and Joan said...

I'm sure you will like the variety of this job. Hope you have a great summer. Just don't do too much swinging!

William Massey said...

Serrano campground is nice. Hope you get a chance to to out to Holcomb Valley while there. Great 4x4 trails and some great camping back in there.

We tried getting reservations for Serrano for the 4th but was full already. Enjoy your time there.