Thursday, May 22, 2014

Camp Hosts Are Here Yippee!


Our camphost have arrived!!! It is like the Calvary has come to the rescue. We have two couples that came in last week and after two days of orientation we were able to start some training. Max was training people in the kiosk most of the week while  I was training people on the grounds.

This is a very busy campground and on weekends two couples is sometimes not enough. It can get a bit overwhelming at first, but everyone will get the hang of it soon and our campground should hum right along.

This past weekend we had a Vietnamese Catholic Church youth group rent out an entire loop. They had around 150 to 200 people, and I must say that this was the most organized and polite group we have ever had come into the campground. The leaders kept activities and games going all weekend which kept the kids very busy.

When they first arrived, the kids built these structures at each of their campsites, they spent hours building them. They have something to do with the saints that each team of kids adopted.

photo (9)

photo (4)

photo (7)

photo (5)

photo (8)

They even built a church to have Mass in

photo (6)

It was really fun watching a group of kids have so much fun.

We spent one Sunday evening casino hopping with our boss and a couple of our co-workers. We got home very late around 1:30am and then had to be at our orientation meetings at 8:00am. It has been a long time since Max and I have stayed out that late. We held up pretty good and came home with more money than we started out with, so it was worth it.

On our last two days off, we decided to drive down to Aguanga and check on the fifth wheel and truck. The fires in southern cal was close enough that they could see and smell smoke from the resort. By the time we got there the fires were under control and no smoke was visible.

So we spent the two days lounging at the pool. We will probably head back one weekend a month just to get away from the mountain for awhile. Besides, most of the members are off traveling for the summer, so we get the pool to ourselves!

photo (3)

photo (14)

The weather is still pretty cool at Big Bear and hopefully it will warm up for the Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully I can take the top off of the Jeep in another week or so and leave it off for the summer. We actually had some rain/snow mixed today, Sheesh!

Enjoy Your Day


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Laurel Owen said...

It is pretty rewarding to see there are good kids in this world. That's great that you are close enough to get away and enjoy the warmer weather too.