Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Plugging Along!


We are glad that we got to spend a few days Jeeping with our friends a few weeks ago. Since then we have been really busy here in this campground and helping to get the other campgrounds ready to open.

We also had a change in the weather for a few days!

photo (2)

It was pretty, but it mad it a tough day keeping the restroom walkways cleared of snow and the restrooms themselves clean from all the mud people tracked in.  The kids that were in the campground loved it, many of them are from the Orange County and San Diego areas and have not seen much snow. We had snowmen built everywhere.

This week the other camp hosts should arrive and that will make it much easier for Max and me.  This is a huge campground and on the weekends we are full. This makes for long days because we split our time working 8am to 2pm then we go back out from 5:30 to 7:30 checking on compliance and selling firewood. Then we go back out around 10pm to do security checks and make sure quite time is observed and one last check on the restrooms.

Once the other camp hosts arrive and we get them trained, we will be able to more of the maintenance work that we are suppose to do this year. We are looking forward to that.

Here is a picture of one of the campgrounds we have been working on getting it ready to open. This is Hanna Flats which is about 6 miles from us. It is a pretty campground and mainly it just fills up on the weekends.




It would be a great place to camp host but there is no cell phone coverage at all regardless of carrier. That is a deal breaker for us.

We have had our truck advertised for the last 6 weeks in various publications and have not had any nibbles. We have been having second thoughts about selling the truck and have decided to just keep it. The truck may not get much use, but we like the idea of still being able to pull the fifth wheel out to boondock every now and then. Just a comfort zone thing I guess, of being able to move our home if needed on a moments notice.

That’s it for this week or so, we are just plugging along on this beautiful mountain.

Enjoy Your Day!



Janice L Evans said...

glad you are doing well. . .sounds a though your camp hosting is turning into quite the job.

Does having your truck for sale mean you guys have decided to remain stationary?

Janice L Evans said...

ahhh. . .further perusal shows that I've missed an update. . .you guys have bought a motorhome?

Wow. . .somehow I lost track!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Not my kind of change in he weather:(