Saturday, June 14, 2014

Trial By Fire


We started our new job assignments approximately 10 days ago. We could not move over to our new spot at the Barton Flats campground due to the previous manager was out of town and was given some time to get his rig out when he got back in town. So for the first seven days we had to commute between Big Bear and Barton Flats. That in itself is no big deal, but we had to make several trips each day and we ended up putting in just over 600 miles of drive time in that seven days.

Every Saturday night, the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association puts on an interpretive program at the Amphitheater we manage. We have to be there to get the power up and running (generator) and to support the interpreter with tables and trash cans etc.. The good thing is that we will get to see all of the programs for the summer.

Besides we got to meet this guy! Smokey The Bear. Here he is making everyone take his fire prevention pledge.

photo (19)

On Sunday we had a cookout with our co-workers at Serrano and it was kind of a combination birthday and goodbye get together. It was our co-worker JJ’s birthday and since we were leaving we had to have one more cookout.  We had burgers and brats and all the fixings. We had a great time but around midnight that night it all changed.

Our phone rang about 12:15am and it was our boss telling us that there was a fire at the San Gorgonio campground. It was at our camphosts spot and that their shed had caught fire. We quickly got dressed and drove the 30 minutes to the campground. By the time we got there the fire department had it under control, but the shed and all of it contents were burnt completely down. The fire got so hot that it broke out the windshield in their motorhome.

The hosts did a good job of containing it until the fire department got there. They evacuated the campers in the campground and only a few trees around the shed were damaged. It is so dry here, it does not take much for a fire to spread, luckily there was no wind. We really dodged a bullet on having a major fire on the mountain. We are not sure how it started and it is under investigation from the Forest Service.

During the week we have been getting organized and trying to figure out what needs are the most important. One of our campgrounds is low on water so we had to find the water tank that supports it to get an accurate level. It is up higher on the mountain and, no one knew where it was, just a general direction. After attempts of searching we finally found it. I can access it by the Jeep but I need to clear a big tree and a huge rock. Then we can easily drive up to it rather than hike straight up the mountain. To get more water in the tank we have to run a diesel generator to run the well pump several hours a week. The well head  and generator have easy access next to 38 highway and the Santa Anna river.

Last Friday we moved the motorhome from Serrano over to Barton Flats. Leaving Serrano was hard because we have made a lot of friends there. This year we have some newbies that we really clicked with. They are very young fulltime rver’s from Ohio, and they travel with their cat Soupy and a very nice Lazy Daze motorhome.

Rayn and Jonathan

photo (24)

I think Rayn was more sad to see our smoker leave than us!

photo (22)

We will get to see them as we travel back to the main office in Serrano each week but it was more fun working with them. We do have some Jeeping plans lined up.

We have settled in to the site managers spot here at Barton Flats. It is not near as nice as the pad we had at Serrano, but it is so much quieter here during the week. Monday through Thursday we only had three sites occupied. Our pad is on dirt and gravel with full hook ups, and 30 amps but it will do. We are right at the entrance to the two loops in the campground so we can see what is happening.

photo (23)

Jenks Lake is a day use fishing lake that we manage. It is open from 7:00am to 6:00pm. It is stocked every two weeks with Trout and it has some big Bass in it as well.

The drive into the lake




It has a big pier that extends out that is great for fishing on, plus you can use float tubes, canoes or kayaks as well. The great thing is I can go after hours and have the lake to myself. Yep, I will be buying an out of state fishing license now!

Enjoy Your Day!



Laurel Owen said...

Wow, good thing your RV wasn't sitting on that site. Sounds like you guys are going to be very busy there managing the parks.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Really Glad that fire did not spread. Sounds like you are in for an exciting summer!