Tuesday, July 1, 2014

As Time Goes By


We have been so busy I have not had time to update the blog. I wish I could promise to do better, but I know better.

We are getting to the point of being able to manage the campgrounds rather than reacting to each mini crisis. There are lots of projects to keep us busy, and just coordinating what our camphosts need can be a full time job in itself. We have easily been putting in 12 to 14 hour day’s. My goal is that by the time the fourth of July weekend is over we should have a handle on things well enough that we can start backing off on hours. Of course I still make sure we take our two days off regardless of what needs to be done. Time is flying by so fast.

On our days off, we have been able to sneak away and go Jeeping with our camphost friends Rayn and JJ. We finally made it to Pappy and Harriets in Pioneertown. It is a 30 mile Jeep trail and I have tried twice before but the restaurant was always closed. This time we made it, and it was oh so worth it.


photo (5)

Along the way we have awesome views.


Rayn, JJ, Max with a field of Joshua Trees behind them.

photo (3)

After dinner we drove on down to Palm Springs for some Ice Cream



Last week our youngest son Mike flew out to visit us for a few days. We took him to our home resort at Jojoba Hills and showed him around. We enjoyed a very nice evening watching the sun go down.

photo (7)

The next day we took him down to Palm Springs and then back up to Big Bear via some Jeep roads. We explored some old mines and cabins, and of course the never ending desert views.

Mike and Max overlooking Palm Desert

photo (8)

Abandoned cabin

photo (9)

photo (10)

We had a great visit with Mike. Too bad he had to fly back so soon. Hopefully he can bring his wife out next year and spend a good week or two.

The fourth of July is this weekend, and I know we are going to be extremely busy with the campers. We have been having some pretty good bear activity. They are coming into the campground and stealing food that people don’t put away. We warn each camper about keeping the food up but I think it falls on deaf ears. Last weekend a bear came right up while the campers we cooking smores. The bear stole the smores and the popcorn they had made. It finally wandered off but appeared later at another campsite. We have bear proof food lockers but people still leave the food on the picnic tables.

This past week I added a new windshield decal to the Jeep that I ordered for Fathers day. This name is in memorial to my dad. He used to make hydroplane and runabout boats and named them MiassisDragon on the transom. He passed when I was 18 at the age of 54, so since then I have named my toy’s the same name. Kind of my way of keeping dad with me. Miss you dad! Besides, with a non-lifted Jeep, my assis always dragon Winking smile

photo (6)

Have a Fun, Safe, Fourth Of July!!!




Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Too funny! Looks like you are having a great summer.

Laurel Owen said...

Oh! I wondered what that meant :) Duh :) Our gatehouse will be very busy this weekend too. Cars lined up to get in, should be fun!

Mike and Terri said...

I didn't get it either. Thanks for the explanation. That's a riot!

Steve and Joan said...

Wow did you eat the entire icecream cone?!? Huge! Sounds like you guys are working hard and I'm sure you're doing a great job. Love the jeep name.

If you haven't been to the Black Hills, you should think about it. It's great!