Thursday, July 17, 2014

Half Way Point


Well, we have reached the half way point in the season and we still have our sanity, most of it anyway.  The Fourth of July weekend was very busy but also pretty calm. We had very little partiers thus very few issues to contend with.

Bear activity is pretty normal, and we warn our campers about leaving food out. We usually hear “Bear Stories” from those that chose to ignore our warnings. These bears will come up to the picnic tables while people are sitting around the campfire not paying attention. They will help themselves to all the food that was left out on the table.

They will also tip over the dumpsters to get what they want.



This past week we had the honor of being witnesses to our friends Rayn and Jonathan’s wedding. We were asked a couple of weeks ago and we were delighted to be included for such a special event.

It was a very quaint  and private ceremony, held at the San Bernardino Hall of Records. Here are a few pictures from their special day and a link to their blog Holdingintentionalspace where you can read more.

Rayn and “JJ” outside the Hall of Records





After the wedding we headed out for lunch at a small Mexican restaurant for some Taco’s. After lunch we stopped by a Trader Joes for some much needed supplies of chocolate, nuts and cheap wine. Of course no outing with Rayn and JJ is complete without a stop for ice cream. Rayn found a place called A’ la Minute hand crafted ice cream. The use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream right before your eyes. All ingredients are organic, very yummy indeed!

photo (4)



After ice cream, we decided to head to Huntington Beach and check out the ocean and do a little sight seeing.

The newlyweds.

photo (5)

And of course my bride of 37 years next Wednesday Surprised smile 


photo (3)

We ended the evening with a stop for dinner at a Slater 50/50 Burgers by Design. All I can say is….Holy Cow or is that Holy Bacon. Basically all hamburgers are half beef and have ground bacon. I had the 100 percent ground bacon burger (don’t judge!) It even came with bacon flavored ketchup!

photo (6)

We had a really nice day getting to witness a marriage between this great couple. Thanks Rayn and JJ for letting us be part of it.

It won’t be long and we will have to turn our attention on how to shut down and winterize all 9 facility’s that we manage. Some of them are pretty straight forward, others not so much. I have utility drawings for two campgrounds that can help guide me in which water valves to turn off and which ones to drain. Our supervisor told us that he would send a company out to help with the process. Hopefully once we get it figured out and documented it will not be so hard next year.

It may seem crazy to be thinking about it in July, but a lot of the valves are buried or are under shrubs and have not been marked. I want to get all of them located and marked before we actually get into shutdown mode.

Friday is our grandson Ethan’s 2nd birthday. Oh how much we wish we could be there. This is the toughest part of full timing.









Laurel Owen said...

Yum, a ground bacon burger! You guys find great places to eat and have ice cream :) Happy anniversary to both of you guys! We can't believe how fast the summer is going by too.

Steve and Joan said...

Glad to see you've survived no worse for the wear. If you've not been to the Black Hills you should think about it. Very beautiful!

Congrats on anniversary. You guys must of been 10 when you got married! Looking good.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

You guys are looking good. I say if you are going to have a bacon burger do it right- all bacon :)